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Mainly this blog is about "Website & Apps Reviews" and "How to", "What is" guides. (Related to internet & Tech.)

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Madhusudan Somani

Madhusudan Somani - the founder of MSS Articles - about us - MSS Articles
It's me - Madhusudan
Hello there,

I am Madhusudan Somani. The author of MSS Articles.

I started this blog in January 2018.

I brought this domain on 24 Jan 2018. At that time, I was in confusion, that should I buy this or not? Will my blog run..?

And finally, I brought it from GoDaddy and started blogging immediately.

"If I had not brought that time, then I would never buy".

Actually, I started blogging even in May 2017. My blog was "Enhance the Life". But that was failed.

Currently, I am a student of B.Tech. 1st year at IEC College of Engineering and Technology at Greater Noida.

After joining the college, immediately I deleted my first blog. And then after a lot of thinking I started this blog - MSS Articles. It looks funny that it took a semester for me to think about this, hehe.

By the way, however, was my last blog. But this blog is running well. And my target is to make it no. 1 blog. I want to make it the best blog. And I am trying. The only other thing I need is your good wishes and your blessings.

You can get information about me on my personal blog.

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