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let me first introduced myself, I am Madhusudan Somani. Currently, I am a student of B.Tech. (CSE) 3rd year.

I started MSS Articles on 24 January 2018. At that time I started writing about anything. Then after some time, I came to know the importance of niche in blogging, and I selected a niche and started writing about articles related to the Internet. I wrote several blog-posts in this niche for around 1 year.

I promoted this blog on Social Media, by SEO and Content Marketing. During this, I get to know the potential of Content Marketing in today's digital world. So I started to learn more about Content Marketing, joined internship and completed several courses for the same.

Finally, I started writing about Content Marketing from July 2019.

So now, if I introduce MSS Articles...

"MSS Articles is a blog by Madhusudan Somani, where he writes about Content Marketing and related articles from his experience in the field."

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