How Impromptu Writing can make your Content Writing Better...

How Impromptu Writing can make your Content Writing Better...

Impromptu is really challenging, right? Well, nothing in this world is less challenging than impromptu though. The reason is our expectations. If we are performing an impromptu speech, no one expects a great speech from us. On the other side, if we have to perform a speech after having time to prepare it, or let's think about writing here. Expectations go higher in this case.

As impromptu speech helps you in improving your speech giving ability. Similarly, this can help in your writing too. In this article, I'm sharing how Impromptu writing can help you in your content writing.

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What is Impromptu Writing?

You know about Impromptu. It's commonly understood as impromptu speech. An unplanned speech. Where you're given a random topic and you have to give the speech almost immediately, without any preparation.

Similarly, in writing, we can also do the same. Although it's not that popular. It is also understood as writing an impromptu script. What I mean with impromptu writing here is that we get any topic, and we write about it, immediately, without any preparation. Not for the sake to give a speech, but only to write.

How can this help in improving content?

Recently while listening to a podcast of The Ranveer Show, where he interviewed Raftar (an Indian rapper). Ranveer asked about his journey. Raftar said a very beautiful line there that, "Practice rap at-least that enough, that you won't be able to write bad one". The same goes for content writing too.

I heard this many times from many people. Writing goes better only by writing. It's better to write more than to read more. Shreya Pattar says, If you are reading for 1 hour to improve your writing then you should be writing for at least 10 hours.

In my initial days, I also heard that reading a lot, that helps in writing. No doubt it does. But what result you get by practicing writing, that's awesome.

While writing on an impromptu basis, we look inside our minds and heart to write our content. In that case, we don't block them due to Google and other platforms.

I believe best writing comes out only when we write it directly from the heart. That might not be the final draft, but that is the starting one. And taking the first step is the most important one. And when we get used to writing from the heart, it becomes very easy and interesting too. Though it's still necessary to cross-verify all the possible meanings of your writing. Google and dictionaries comes useful here.

The 2nd thing that Impromptu writing helps in is to draft content on the go. You know in impromptu, sometimes we get worried while looking into our mind while speaking. We don't know what to speak next. The same happens in writing too. Many times while writing on my personal blog, I get stuck somewhere. Sometimes, I get stuck at the very beginning. Then I remember about this and just start writing. Sentences keep forming on their own.

Impromptu writing also builds unique content. As the internet is almost overloaded with content, it's now not that easy to write unique content. If we start taking references before starting writing, then chances are that the content will not be that unique.

Instead, if we write from our hearts and our mind, chances are more that the content will be completely unique. Since everyone's mind is unique. Hence the output has to be. So before peeking out in other's minds, it's good to use your own.


Writing is a form of art. It's better to practice the art, instead of studying it. Yet studying about art is important, it unlocks the yard to practice that. So gather some knowledge about it and start practicing it. Impromptu is one of the best ways to get to know your own style of writing. It helps in creating the first draft, drafting on the go, and most importantly resulting in unique content in your own style.

I would love to hear what you think about Impromptu writing. Share your experience if it ever helped you. Thank you, Stay Safe - Stay Home :)

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