How is my Engineering Helping me in my Content Writing Journey

How is my Engineering Helping me in my Content Writing Journey

Engineering class and my Content Writing Journey

If you research for most of the artists, you'll find that most of them were Engineering Students. So as I. I strongly believe, that what I am writing today, is the outcome of those boring college classes. If I hadn't chosen Engineering as my stream, I might not be introduced to Blogging & Content Writing (or at least it would take some more time).

I tried to find out things in my engineering classes, which helped me in my content writing. Hey there, I'm Madhusudan Somani and you're reading this article at MSS Articles, let's continue...

Here are the 5 major things that happened in my Engineering, which helped me in blogging & content writing...

Impromptu writing

If you are a B.Tech student or have been one, you may understand what I am talking about. Actually in engineering, after doing so many assignments, term papers, project papers, exams, and all those stuff, we're now ready to write for anything. No one, literally no one writes all these seriously (in Indian edu-system).

This practice taught me how to write anything for just anything, even immediately. In exams, when we get any unplayable question, then this is the only solution we get. It's not like we write just anything. That anything also is related to that something, which is asked in the question. It's a little confusing, isn't it? so as engineering is :)

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Writing endlessly

This is another unique ability, most of the engineers have. Same as the above point, we also get some page targets. For the 10 marks question, we have to fill 2-3 pages of the answer sheet. That might be on the negative side a little, but that is. Sometimes, we so-called engineers write even when we don't have anything to write. Just to fulfill those page criteria.

Well, I don't think that is anywhere helpful for me in engineering. Yet, that's helpful for me in blogging. Sometimes, I don't have anything to write. I just remember those exams. Then I start writing and write and write and write... And that finally comes out as a great read.

Stage Plays & Other Activities

Right after my first day in college, I decided to participate in as many events as possible. I was present in almost every extra-curricular activity to help in the college. (Everything other than classes is an extracurricular activity for me :))

stage play in college

The best of all those activities I found were stage plays. They teach us so much. Participating in those plays taught me the power of words. There I got to know the actual meaning of punctuation, full-stops, and other things. The image you saw above is of the play I did last year. Unfortunately, I don't have images of my other plays.

These activities helped me to get the most out of me. And they also helped me in my writing too. I've written an article about this play in my personal blog. You can read it here: Successfully Performed the Play: Boodhi Kaki

Generating ideas - Getting bored in Classes

This is the most common feeling everyone experience in college. Now, it's not limited to only engineering colleges, it's for every course if you are not interested in that. In my case, I lost that interest right after the first year.

Now getting bore means, either you are sleeping or you are playing with your thoughts. And if you're playing with your thoughts, you're an artist. In my case, I tried sketching too. But writing is all I found more interesting there.


This is the biggest thing happened to me in my college. When I came to college, I explored much more than school. And when I joined Croblaze, I explored much-much more than college. It's a startup founded by 3 of my seniors, Abhinav Pandey, Anurag Tiwari, and Pushkar Mishra.

What else you'll want when you get connected to like-minded people who are working so hard. After joining Croblaze, I'm getting chances to taste the professionalism, the professional world. Here are some glimpses of our Team Croblaze...

Team Croblaze

Ohh, there are some new members too. If I don't upload their image, they'll gonna kill me ;-) So here it is...

Team Croblaze - with some new members

At Croblaze, we are providing doorstep delivery of fruit & vegetables. And my responsibility is to generate more sales with marketing and digital marketing efforts. I'm on my way to learn and practice those tactics here with the team.

Whatever I'm learning here is something beyond my word limit. All I can say now is, every day I see a better version of me while working with these great souls.

So these are some important things that happened to me and helped/helping me in my content writing journey. Surely, there are a lot more, but I can't list all of them here. We also witness many things daily which we can't spot out now, but adds up in your personality.

What are the things which helped you in your journey? Tell me in the comments.