Giving It a New Start, for a Better Version of Me

Giving It a New Start, for a Better Version of Me

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"Practice makes a man perfect". I've read this line many times. I even enjoyed this while telling others. I feel that fabled feeling of pride while stating this line to others. Everyone does, I'm not a different one. The point where I was different from all those people was that I stopped meaning it for myself.

It's easy to state than to follow. Since this is a blog and I have written it so you can anticipate me as a Blogger, a Content Writer.

What a content writer has to do?

It's simple, he has to write content, the engaging content. That's what it seems from outside. If we dig a little deeper. Then we see, behind a single piece of content, how much copies a content writer has been writing. A content writer has to write daily, to maintain the level of his content.

That's where I failed. In starting I used to write a lot of content. I used to write at least an article or two daily except the social media copied of those. As time went on, my practice went down and down. Effect of which I am now seeing in my outputs.

How I got this thought in mind?

Recently, my friend wanted to start content writing. She asked me, how to start and get better this. It's easy to give advice, no? Especially in a field you are working for a while. Taking the pride moment of being a knowledgable person, I told her to read articles and comment on at least 5-7 articles daily. I also insisted on her to keep writing daily. No matter what to write, just write.

These things helped me to start my content writing journey, so it was comfortable for me to suggest to her.

Then suddenly I realized, these things helped me a lot. But no more helping me now. The reason is that, after having a tag of Content Writer, I now stopped to follow these practices.

One more incident helped me to realize. My convo with Munishwar sir and Abhinav bhaiya. They guided me on how can I improve my work again.

Giving a New Start...

As this all has happened, it must be corrected. I remember those days when I was lost in writing content. When I used to feel pride by refusing to play with friends because I had to write articles for my blog. That resulted in a great response also that time.

Now I thought to start that again, with a fresh mind. I thought to write as I used to. No matter how good or bad I write, I have to write. No matter whether I could publish or not what I have written, I have to write.

This is what I think I should do and have been instructed by most of the people I asked for this. Most of the people who write well, and to whom I asked how to improve my writing, they said to read a lot and to write a lot as well.

Even I do believe in it. Practice makes a man perfect. It makes him perfect in the field for which he is practicing. If we read a lot, we'll be good at reading, but not so in writing. So to be good at writing, we have to write a lot.

Now, I'll be writing as much as I can in all my 3 blogs,

This article is just to command myself, that if I want to become a great Content Writer, I have to write a lot, along with reading and all that stuff. I started my new journey from this article. I want to thank Munishwar Gairola sir, Abhinav Pandey bhaiya, Shreya Pattar, and all others for helping me in this.

Wish me good luck :)