As the global pandemic Coronavirus is getting worst, no one should come out of his home. Most of the countries are following complete lockdown since Social Distancing is the only proven solution for staying safe from Coronavirus.

Recently, while sitting in the balcony, I was starring at the billboard which was visible from my balcony. I was thinking, what will happen to those big billboards out there. Since no one will be out there to see that advertisement on those billboards.

I thought why shouldn't we use these billboards to spread awareness about Coronavirus and to urge people to stay home. So I tried to find ideas which we can use on these billboards.

I'm glad to see that Maharashtra govt has already posted Coronavirus related things on billboards, which aware people to stay safe from this disease. Many popular brands are also symbolizing social distancing with a little alteration in their logos. See some of them here,

Source: CNN

Here are some other content ideas which we can show on billboards now,

You should not be seeing this, Go Home

Best photo frame for you,..

If you're reading this, you're clearly in the wrong place

Showing precaution measures on billboards

Go Home, Are you Drunk?

Thank you for everyone who didn't read this message, #stayHome" -  (already is being used in Saudi Arabia)

Who is an idiot reading this? Go home

You are not safe if you are reading this

If you're seeing this... what's wrong with you!! Oh. Coronavirus? Sorry, you will recover ☺️

Let's predict your future, Oh Noo, you may be suffering from Coronavirus!!! Go Home

Spoiling People's favorite Netflix series if they don't stay home.
I saw one post by Brilliant Ads on Linkedin, in which, Netflix spoilers were there for people who are not staying home. Have a look at this,

Source: Brilliant Ads (LinkedIn)

I don't actually watch Netflix, but after seeing increasing craze in people about that, I think it might work too.

So these were some of the innovative ideas, which can be used on Billboards to aware as well as promote your brand too. These can also be used for the promotion of your brands too if used in the right way.

Well, stay safe from this global pandemic, stay home, practice social distancing, and make people aware of all these things. Do you have any other ideas, let me know in the comments below.