How to Increase Traffic Without Content Marketing?

How to Increase Traffic Without Content Marketing?

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Many people, especially bloggers want to increase their website traffic without putting extra effort into Content Marketing. We all know content is the king. We know why Marketing is essential for a business. But bloggers don't take it seriously in their starting phase.

There is no hard and fast rule that traffic will only increase if you do SEO, Content Marketing or Paid Promotion. We can easily increase our website traffic to some extent without worrying about all these. Remember, it will increase your traffic only to some extent. (Eg, 200-300 extra views on your website)

If you want to further increase traffic, then you'll need to focus on SEO, Content Marketing, etc. Don't worry, it's not that much hard. Once you'll be getting traffic to your site, you'll automatically search for new methods to increase it more.

Well, to increase traffic without Content Marketing, you first need to understanding Content Marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Writing and Content Marketing are quite confusing terms in Digital Marketing. Content Marketing is different from Content Writing. In Content Marketing, we format your content to attract users to read or to take action.

The "Marketing" term after Content makes it scary for some people. It is not that way. It is simply reorganizing or reformating our content to make it attractive.

Directly or indirectly, we all use Content Marketing techniques daily. Remember the last time you shared your website update on social media. You must have given a thought for the caption of your post.

Now, let's go-ahead leaving behind the tag of Content Marketing, and see how we can increase traffic to our blog or website...

How to Increase Traffic with Simple tactics

Here are some tips, which we should consider to increase our website traffic without Content Marketing,

1. Share your updates on Social Media

This is the first step we can take with or without Content Marketing. In content marketing, we follow a strategic plan. But here, we just have to share every update on our social media handles.

This will not give instant results, but this is something we can rely on.

2. Ask your Friends, to Visit & Share your Website

This can give you instant results, but we can't rely on this forever. But here is the point, if your website's purpose is interesting, some of those many friends may follow you to get newer updates.

Since most of your friends are connected directly with you, so they should don't mind to do this small thing for you (Some may do although).

3. Participate in Forum Threads

If you are really interested in writing, reading or in the purpose you created your website, participate in debates and discussions where people are talking about the same. eg, IndiBlogger, Quora, etc. Submit your posts on submission sites.

Since those people will also be interested in the same topic, they will surely visit your website, at least once. Some of them may also be interested in sharing your website with their followers.

4. Be Consistent (Important)

If you write blogs on your website, then consistency is the first thing you should take care of. If you are really consistent with your updates, you'll see a gradual increase in website traffic without doing anything else.

This will also let your followers and search engine know that you are alive till today. So they won't stop following you.

5. Be Original

A copied idea requires a great Marketing & Promotion to attract eyeballs and retain them. But if you are unique, you actually need much marketing efforts.

So if you want to increase traffic without Content Marketing, then focus on your content writing. Create unique and interesting content that will attract users automatically. (Content here is not only the written one, photos, designs, videos also are forms of content)

6. Focus on Alternatives

It's common sense. If you are short of something, you should focus more on its alternatives. So if you don't want to do Content Marketing, try to make your Content Writing, SEO and other efforts better. A final result is the average of all the efforts you make in every field.

If you are not giving time to one of the marketing tactics, then try to give this time to something worth beneficial. Use this time to optimize your content for Voice Search, as you know voice search will be getting a great blast this year.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the things you should do if you don't want Content Marketing (for whatever reason). These points are not different than what we are taught before starting out.

Well, in my opinion, it's not a wiser idea to neglect Content Marketing. If you don't have time to do it yourself, hire someone to do this work for you.

Although this depends on what your goal is, what you want from your website. If you created this website just for a hobby, there is no need to spend extra pennies for Content Marketing. You'll automatically get new ideas of Content Marketing while working on your website. Just write them down in one place, so that you can have access to them when required.

Did you tried these tips, share the result in the comments. Share this article with your friends who need this.

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