What is the Singe Basic Rule to Create the Blog?

What is the Singe Basic Rule to Create the Blog?

Recently a person who wants to be a blogger asked me questions about blogging. With all the other questions, he asked for a single basic rule to create the blog.

Well, I cleared all of his doubts as per my knowledge. But I thought many people might be thinking about starting a blog but do not start because they don't know how to start one. So in this article, I am sharing that single rule to start a blog which helped me to start and now manage this blog.

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The Only Step to Start a Blog

The only step to start your new blog is JSI. JSI means, Just Start It. I mean, no matter how much you know about blogging or how much you wanna learn it, just start it.

No one is perfect in blogging. And if you think you will get your car out of the garage only when all the street lights turn into the green then my dear friend, it's not possible.

Once you start your blog, you will encounter many problems, sometimes you will be worried about the domain, sometimes of hosting, then you will be thinking of why you are not getting views, etc.

But once you'll be on the line, you'll understand how to tackle all those problems. All you need to do is to experiment with your blog.

What if I learn to blog first and then start?

If you think you can start your blog in the best way only after learning blogging to the fullest, then you might get it wrong. Anything can only be learned with practical practice. And to practice blogging, you have to have one, so Just Start It.

There are two ways to learn to blog. Either practice blogging on other's blogs or start your own. I would prefer to starting your own blog because it gives you complete freedom to explore blogging to the fullest.

If you still don't want to start your own blog, then you may want to write on others' blogs or offline on your computer. In this case, no doubt writing on other blogs is a better idea.

Now when you have opted for writing on others' blogs, I would suggest you write on Medium, HubPages or any platform like this.

Well, the only focus is to practice blogging. And if you are a blogger, you should practice writing and reading both on a regular basis.

(Start your blog today and share this article to your friends who want to start one)

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