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Content Marketing is on the rise these years. Everything we see over the internet is a form of content. Since there is now an uncontrollable crowd of content, marketing comes out to get most out of our content.

A person asked me to give the top 3 tips of content marketing which will be beneficial in 2020. So I thought I should share it on my blog also.

Although, it all depends on your need. If you are a blogger, your content requirement is different than one from e-commerce. In blogging, generally, you have to retain the user on your blog whereas in e-commerce, you have to let the user be your customer (ie. make a sale).

Hey there, I'm Madhusudan Somani & I'm going to share top 3 tips of Content Marketing in 2020.

For Bloggers:

Your basic target is to retain the user on your website or blog. So top 3 tips for you as a blogger are:
  1. Be consistent: Consistency is the key to success, especially in blogging.
  2. Try new content ideas: The market is full of content. To stand out, your content should be more engaging than others.
  3. Build your authority: Build your personal authority online, because in 2020 your personal profile will greatly affect your blog.

For e-Commerce:

In this case, your goal is to sell your product. So the top 3 steps for you are:
  1. Create a content framework: Plan a content framework to support your buyer's journey from Awareness stage to Consideration and then Decision stage.
  2. Consider authorisation: If you are sharing content industry-specific, make sure a designative person do this work for you.
  3. Keep an eye on Analytics: These analytics will tell you whether your content is doing proper work or you have to plan it again.
If you are running a business or just selling something from your content. Make sure you have your follow-up plan ready.

and for content, the key is to be consistent with your content and plan. And always try new ways so that your content work hard for you.

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