Does Words Count Matter in Content Writing?

Does Words Count Matter in Content Writing?

Word count plays a big role in Content Writing. Have you ever read a blog-post of words less than 100 (without any image)? Or a promotional pamphlet fully filled with written content?

Well, if you have seen them, definitely they may not be convincing, or maybe of the legal field. Ya, in legal, you have to be very precise with the words you chose.

Hey there, I am Madhusudan Somani and in this article, I'll be talking about the importance of Word Count in Content Writing...

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Books, Blogs, Promotional Campaigns...

Have you ever thought why Books are so long in content, Blogs are comparatively small and promotional campaigns have very fewer words?

I know, there are some books which have 9-10 pages only and even some blogs which are as long as these books, so and so. Exceptions are always there.

Their typography is also different from others.

Like, with books, you feel like you are experiencing what s written there. And you may find blogs as informative articles or some guide type. What do you think about promotional campaigns? What type of feeling they give to you?

If we discuss a little about them, we get many types of feelings from those campaign posts or banners. Like, sometimes we feel delighted, sometimes we get FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), so and so. There are so many feels which any promotional thing can give to you.

Does Words Count Matter there?

You might have gone through some promotional content which is very long. And most probably you have skipped that, because that's too long, right?

That means, definitely we shouldn't write a long-form of content in promotional things. No one gonna read them Until and unless they provide a really Long benefit instantly.

If we talk about blog posts, there also no one would like to read those 2000-3000 words long articles. Although, bloggers think Google tends to rank long blog-posts first in their SERP (which may be right) so they write. Otherwise, blog posts are much better if written between 500-700 words (that makes a noticeable difference between blog-posts and scholar articles).

If we talk about books, here word count may be replaced with page counts. Now it's your task to think how many pages are fine in a book according to you and share in the comments below.

What about Listicles?

Many people think that if we transform long content into lists, it would be easier and interesting to read. Most of us learnt this in school and college life. It works, Ya it works but with your existing customers only. Only for those people, who already believe you.

To acquire a new audience (or customers) you have to go through simple psychological thinking. No one likes to read your long content if they are not interested.

But they can if it does not take much of their time. And if they read that small content you can generate their interest in your long content from that.

According to Neil Taylor in his book Brilliant Business Writing, people only read and remember the top 3 points of a list. So either write the top 3 points much interesting or write just 3 points.

Wrapping Up

These are the normal standards to write content with reasonable word count. Even summery is also considered to be written in a certain range of words.

Neil Taylor says that no matter how much you write. Just make sure, each word in your content works hard for your message. And that's all. All you need is to think like your reader.

What do you think of words count in your content? Share your points in the comments below.