Switched to Google Blogger again! Is Blogger Reliable?

Switched to Google Blogger again! Is Blogger Reliable?

Recently I faced some problems with my blog. Due to which my site was down for 1-2 days. Although I informed about this on my social handles, this type of server problems really harms our blog.

As I always prefer Blogger in the starting phase of your blogging. And when you think that now you are all set up your blog, and can focus completely on it, you can migrate it anytime on Wordpress.

Wordpress is no doubt better than Blogger. You get more functionality with your website other than blogging. But using Wordpress is like you have to invest a minimum of 3000-3500 Rs per year, which is the problem of most of the bloggers.

That's why I always prefer and suggest Blogger in the starting phase of blogging. The reason is simple that Blogger is free.

Recently I got a solution to using Wordpress on my blog for free. Since I do not want to invest in my blog at this time, so I was not using Wordpress.

You may have heard of AWS (Amazon Web Services). AWS is giving a limited 1-year service for free. They are especially known for Cloud Computing. But we can host our static websites on that cloud space.

I did the same, I hosted my blog on AWS as an EC2 instance. Which gives 30 GiB space for 1 year. In starting it was working fine. But using it after some time, now I started getting problems with my site.

And that's why I no longer trust on AWS now. Although, it was not AWS'  fault. AWS is for Cloud Computing. I was not supposed to host my static website here. Well, I tried it and now understood.

Finally, I came back to Blogger.

Google blogger, blogspot screenshot

Is Blogger Reliable?

This is the most common doubt bloggers have. There is so many information available on the net that Blogger can shut-down anytime. Ya Google has already shown their behaviour of shutting down their services from time to time. Recently they stopped Google + (you may know).

But if we look on Blogger and Google. Google is not showing any interest in shutting down Blogger. They even informed everyone that they don't have any plans to stop Blogger in the near future.

And one more thing,

When I started using Blogger again, Blogger's UI is now changed. It means Google had worked on it. All these signs show that Google won't stop Blogger soon.

Well, just neglecting all those tech giant will also be a big mistake. There are many people who have much experience and authority. So we should not neglect them completely.

That's why now I am also taking backup of everything I post on my blog now. This way, if something happens to my blog, I can again stand up with all my posts.

What do you think about AWS hosting and Blogger? Let me know in the comments...