Miscellaneous Benefits of Blogging!

Miscellaneous Benefits of Blogging!

miscelleneous benefits of blogging

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Hey Bloggers, hope this article finds you well.

While as we are active bloggers in the industry, we know the professional benefits of blogging in our profession, like creating nice & attractive titles, finding keywords for your write-up etc.

You may be writing blogs to either promote your business or to make a living out of this. It’s not compulsory that your blog has to be an income source. You may also be blogging just to share your opinion with your audience. Many do both (as I do).

As I said, we know the professional benefits of blogging. But there are some other benefits of blogging which we don’t consider normal, but they add up to our skills passively.
These are the benefits which I think every blogger get when he practice blogging...

You get a lot more ideas.

When you start writing something, whether it be blogging or anything, psychology says it gives more ideas to your brain. Basically when you write, when you play with words, then your brain activity increases which result in bringing more creative ideas into your mind.

Your writing quality gets better.

It's a universal truth that when you repeatedly do a kind of work, you will get better in it. Blogging is more about writing and less about promotion (hopefully), this will help you increase your writing quality. When you write blogs on a regular basis for a while, you'll see a dramatic change in your writing.

You’ll develop a regular reading habit which is great.

Not only in blogging, but in everyday life also you should have a regular reading habit. But when we talk about blogging, good blogging requires a lot of reading, trust me! If you want to write a great blog by playing with words, you have to read more.

By the way, if you don't do that, then also you'll read at-least your own blog (which is also beneficial) And if you are doing blogging (truly), you'll automatically feel the need of reading to support your blog. So reading habit is the the best benefit of blogging which you get in your life.

You’ll get expert knowledge in your topic.

If you are blogging, chances are that you have chosen your niche, if not choose it as early as you can. When you now stick to a particular niche, you'll see a good response in your blog's stats.

And when you are stick to a topic and are writing about it regularly, you'll soon become a knowledgeable person in that field or at-least people would consider so.

You can express yourself better.

Writing is one of the best ways to express yourself and your views. And we are lucky that we are blogging. We have a practice of writing articles from a length of about 300 words to even 3000 words.

Writing is that skill in which as much we write, we'll more get into it, we'll get better in it. Any good writer or blogger was not born with their tag. What they did is they wrote a lot of pieces of content and today they are famous writer or bloggers.

You’ll have an online presence.

Who doesn't like having their online presence? At-least I started blogging back in 2016 to get my online presence. And again blogging is one of the best ways to do that. You get a great online presence by blogging.

Your typing speed increases.

You might be thinking that why I have included this in this article. If so, please re-read the title, it says Miscellaneous Benefits. The benefits which no one talks normally. Believe it or not, this is also a benefit which you experience when you regularly practice blogging. This is also a nice skill which makes you cool (as I saw nearby) in your group of friends.


These were other benefits which no one is talking but we learn in blogging. Now if anyone traits you about blogging, let him know these add-on benefits which we got as a blogger.

I am sure there are more miscellaneous benefits of blogging, which I haven't included. Share them here and remember, Proud to be a blogger.