LinkedIn pages are the best way to represent your business with a professional tone. You can share all your company updates without disturbing your personal profile.

There are many hacks you can find over the internet to grow your LinkedIn Page's follower. But what can be better than getting an option to do this which is given by LinkedIn itself?

Yes, you got it right. There is a new feature which you can use to grow your page's followers if you're an admin of the page.

You can now invite your connection to like your page. This is almost the same as we see on Facebook. The difference is that this feature is only accessible by the admin in LinkedIn.

How to Invite your Connections to Follow your Page

As this feature is available now, there would be no reason to delay using this and enhance your Social Media Marketing. See how to use that feature by following the steps below...

Open your LinkedIn Company Page and Click on Admin Tools

Open your LinkedIn page


  • Log in to LinkedIn (if you are not logged in) and open your company page.
  • Click on the Admin Tools. You can find this at the top-right corner in the page navigation menu.
  • You may find a "new" tag with the blue background showing that there is a new feature for you in Admin Tools section.
  • When you click on "Admin Tools" a drop-down menu will open.

Click on "Invite Connections"

click on "Invite Connection" in LinkedIn page


  • In the opened menu, click on Invite Connections.
  • There may be a blue tag showing this is a new feature (as shown in the image).
When you click on this, a pop-up will appear, giving you some suggestions from your connection to invite.

You can also search for any connection to invite him to follow your page. You can invite at-most 50 connections in a day.

Tip: Only invite connections you know personally, or them who you think can like your page.

Why You should not Invite Every Connection to Follow Your Page?

LinkedIn advise you to invite only those connections you know personally. Even I and any other marketer will also advise this (if they are serious about your brand value)

The reason is that LinkedIn is a professional network. Here your behaviour matters a lot. If you invite a person who is not interested in this may find it as junk in their pre-filled LinkedIn notifications.

One more reason is that LinkedIn may collect those stats to measure quality of your page. If the ratio of Follows over Invitation is not so good, they may find your page not providing more value and engagement. (This is not verified from official LinkedIn side, but it may affect your stats, so act accordingly)
And remember, any social network, which is not getting engagement from your content, will decrease your reach to their audience.
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