Don’t Do These Blogging Mistakes (which I did)

Don’t Do These Blogging Mistakes (which I did)

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Hey bloggers! Starting a blog looks like a cool passion. You have your own online presence which makes you different from your friends and near ones.

I have done many mistakes in my blogging journey. I’m sure you might also if you are doing blogging for a while. My biggest mistake was that I was not seeing my mistakes, consciously. But finally, I decided to see my mistakes from naked eyes and, to act upon them.

Today I’m am going to share those mistakes with you so that you can also learn from my mistakes (and from your own).
Here are some mistakes I did so far (and understood till now…)

Not using active voice

I was not using the active voice in my blogging. I was understanding that everything we express in passive voice is much more understandable than an active voice. Because this was the only nurturing we had from School to College. Every textbook uses the passive voice.

The one more reason for not using the active voice is that I was thinking if I would use “I”-“we” more in my content than it would look like I’m self-centric.
But when I started using active voice, it was completely different. I was getting more user attention to my blog-posts.

Not selecting a niche

When I learned a little about blogging before starting it. I saw everyone was talking about the niche, like first select one niche and then start blogging around it.

I thought I can write about everything so deciding a niche was not my cup of tea. If I would choose a niche, it will limit me to those topics only.

I was wrong. When I practiced that, I was not getting that growth. Then I decided to give it a try and it was really a gamechanger. When I chose my niche “Internet” my blog was now growing.

Deleting previous content while changing the niche

I decided to make my career in Digital Marketing. I researched this field and decided to blog about this. I was ok with the Internet niche but now I wanted to blog about Marketing & Blogging.

What I thought at that time was that I should remove all the previous content to start this new niche. I thought this would prevent me from negative SEO.

I am not sure about the outcome but by that practice, I lost my domain authority and page authority to a significant extent.

Promotion over Content

Many people (even good marketers) say that good blogging is 80% promotion and 20% content.

This didn’t work for me. What I got to know is that, if we follow it, we’ll see a significant rise in our visitor but an increased bounce rate also. Which I think no blogger will like. If we combine both the factors (increased visitors + increased bounce rate), it leads to a negative impact on our blog.

So without having significant content, the promotion will not work for the long-run. It may work for short-term blogging (eg. event blogging), but not for everyone.

Not seeing the reality

I am a fan of Neil Patel and other big influencers in this industry. He said many times that “there is 1 blog for every 7 people in the world“. I heard it many times but haven’t understood it. I was like, I am different. Everyone out there is not doing hard-work as I am. So I’ll succeed.

Believe me, this was the biggest mistake of my blogging journey. Everyone was saying we have to struggle. I didn’t take that seriously. And this led me to nowhere.

When I saw this industry with naked eyes, it was completely different than before. Everyone was struggling to get more and more eyeballs.

So if you are also doing blogging with that thinking, please first research this field. In fact, it is not only limited to blogging, but it’s also applicable in every field.

Wrapping up

Blogging is no more a small industry. It’s now a full business. There are so many players out there, with the desire to make a living from blogging.

We may do several mistakes while following it. Smartness is in to learn from our mistakes as well as from others. That’s why I shared my major mistakes that I did in blogging (till now).

You may have also encountered some more blogging mistakes (they may be yours or anyone else’s). Share them in comments and let’s have a discussion on it.

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