What do you mean by Inbound Marketing? Many people will say that Inbound Marketing is a combination of Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.
This is not a proper definition of this term.

Then what would be the proper meaning of Inbound Marketing? Well, let us go word by word. The first word is Inbound which is a combination of 2 words In & Bound.

In means, from inside and Bound here means to Force to do something. Combining it means, forcing to do something (like buying) from inside. And Marketing is simply Marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is that marketing in which we use those tactics which influence people within their minds or hearts. It means marketing which potentially forces the customer to use our product & services.

Now, Inbound Marketing is divided into various different marketing types, for example, Digital Marketing, Advertisement, Content Marketing, etc.

It is different from Outbound Marketing, in which we force all types of customers from outside to use our services. In Inbound Marketing we target only those users who may use our services. Inbound Marketing uses Owned Media and Earned Media while Outbound Marketing uses Paid Media for their promotion.

Inbound Marketing works in a cycle which contains mainly three steps,
  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Delight

Optimizely says,
"Inbound marketing is all about giving potential customers the information they are looking for – even if they don’t know it – in a creative and engaging way. It’s not about pushing unwanted sales at every opportunity."

What do you understand by Inbound Marketing? Is it better than Outbound Marketing in every niche?