What is the Target Audience?

Target Audience | Content Marketing Dictionary

Target Audience is a group of those people, who are our potential customers. In other words, people who may be interested in our product and services, or who can buy our product or services fit in our Target Audience.

We then optimize our marketing strategy, blog posts, social media updates, etc according to their needs and interests, which will help us to capture their minds and ultimately making those target audience to loyal customers.

Quicksprout says,
"Think back to when you were a kid. When you wanted a treat you went through the target audience process. You knew that your dad probably wouldn’t be the one to approve your request so you went to your mom and you made sure to catch her in the right mood."

Target Audience should be the first term that comes in your mind before making a strategy for marketing and promotion of your product or services. You don't want to waste your time convincing a health-conscious fitness trainer to buy junk food from your outlet, do you?