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What is a Blog?

A blog is a dynamic webpage (nowadays website) where an individual or a team share their knowledge about some topic in detail. Generally, it is sorted in reverse chronological order, ie. new posts are shown first followed by older posts.

The blog was started as a personal journal, but now in 2019, a blog is understood more as a marketing platform. People are making it a full-time business. The blog is also a part of Content Marketing.

What is Blogging?

Blogging was simply the act of writing and publishing a blog. But now in 2019 blogging is not that simple, now blogging is a combination of different tasks other than just writing & publishing.
Now, promotion and marketing are also becoming a part of blogging.

As there are so many blogs already available on the Internet, so to stand out, blogging requires more effort and planning. Initially, bloggers used to think only about the content, but now, they need to think about keywords, Backlinks, Social Shares, SEO, etc.

Blogging is an inevitable part of Content Marketing & Digital Marketing.

Do you blog? How blogging changed from the time when you started?