What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing | Content Marketing Dictionary

A/B testing is a marketing experiment, in which we compare one test campaign called 'A' with other test campaign called 'B' under the same conditions (like number of views, time, etc). Most of the time, A/B testing is performed live, ie. with the live audience or customers.

After getting the result of A/B testing, we split the winning test campaign into two parts, and again perform A/B testing on those new test campaigns.

Sometimes referred to as Split Testing, A/B Testing is the most common and effective testing in Digital & Content marketing. Because it is easier to compare two campaigns and opting one than to test a single on the basis of different criteria.

Neil Patel Founder of Neil Patel Digital says,
"Well-planned A/B testing can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Narrowing down the most effective elements of a promotion, and then combining them, can obviously make your marketing efforts much more profitable and successful."