The Transparency Over the Internet Security

Internet Security Transparency

In the last week, I got two emails, one from Flipboard and the other one by Canva. Both big internet websites were saying about a security breach on their websites. I got a question in my mind that why these websites are letting us know about their insecurity?

After some research on internet protocols and the revolution of the internet, today I'll discuss this transparency of internet websites.

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What was the matter..?

Two big websites over the internet reported some security attack on their websites last week. Since I am an active user of both of these websites, so I got emails from these websites informing about the breach and further actions.

screenshot of email from Flipboard

Here is a small screenshot of the email I got from Flipboard. Flipboard described the whole incident in this email with safety to-dos, along with a link of their support page where you can also read the complete activity and more detailed answers of some security questions.

Screenshot of email from Canva

This one is from Canva. Canva also informed about the incident but was not so open as Flipboard was. This email had a small description of what happened and safety to-dos.
Canva also included a link where we can see the current status of the activity.

Quora Security Incident

In recent months, a similar incident also happened with Quora and Quora also informed us through email about the activity. Quora overcame the situation and I hope Flipboard and Canva will also handle this security breach soon.

The point to be noted here is the transparency these websites are showing to their users. Before some time, these types of security attacks were hidden from the users. But now the scenario is changed and everyone is going towards more transparency.

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The Revolution towards Internet Transparency

These incidents show the revolution of the old hidden internet towards a more open, more transparent one. This transformation may have been occurring due to some points, which are...

In the current scenario, it is difficult to hide a cyber attack over the internet. So websites are now letting the user know about the situation on their own. This increases the credibility and reliability of the website.

They inform their users about the activity and suggest them some to-dos to let them take actions for their account safety.

According to GDPR Law in the EU region, it is essential to inform the users about any security breach within 72 hrs of activity. This increases user satisfaction and reliability over the internet, so most of the websites are doing this all over the world.

Last but not least, users get a feeling of importance. As many great leaders and marketers say, if you develop a feeling of importance in your customer, he'll never leave you.

Truly speaking, when I got the email from Flipboard, the first feeling I got was not the insecurity of Flipboard, but a feeling of safety that they care for us, which increased the reliability over this website.

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Nowadays, the internet is the biggest marketplace with so many websites as different shops. Any of these websites can be the target for any cyber attack.

The good thing is to stay secure from these attacks, but the best thing is to get the support of users. Because users now being more and smarter than we think.

What are your views about this transparency of Internet Security, let me know in the comments below.

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