Should We Stop Using Flash Player Right Now..?

Should You Stop Using Flash Player

You may know as in the last article I said, Flash Player is Going to Die. Flash Player will stop working at the end of 2020. But it is an year and a half from now, so should you continue or stop using Flash Player??

In this article, I'll discuss should we stop using Flash Player or is it worth to use it till the end.

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Flash Player Shut-Down

If you have read my last article that Flash Player is going to die, then you can scroll to the next point.

But for those, who don't know about this, Flash Player is a product of Adobe Services. It made graphically moving animations, games and videos to be played in the browser itself.

After serving for many years, now Flash Player will stop working at the end of the year 2020. To know the full story, please read the above-mentioned article.

Now coming to the point that, since it is one and a half year remaining for the shut down of the Flash Player. So should we stop using Flash right now or not?

My opinion is, you should stop using Flash Player and switch to other platforms like HTML5 and WebGL etc. But for the better comparison, I'll give both the scenarios, Continue using the Flash and Stop using it.

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Flash Player can be used until 2020

Since Adobe itself has stated that it will support Flash Player till the end of 2020. New security patches and updates will also be released until its end time, it means you might use the Flash Player.

There are some websites and web-apps over the internet, which still works only on Flash Player. If you are using one and fond of it. Then you will need to use Flash.

Some games only rely on Flash Player currently, and if they are running it means you may use the Flash Player.

Last but not the lease, there is enough time for the end of 2020, so why to switch to any other platform right now? (Sometimes change is the difficult thing, right?)

So these were some points for which you may use Flash Player, now focus on below points which explain why you should stop using Flash Player right now...

Why STOP Using Flash Player Right Now

I said that Adobe will support Flash Player until the end of 2020, but this doesn't mean they are encouraging us to use Flash Player. They informed even in 2017 about the news to smoothen the migration process.

They (along with Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft & Mozilla) are encouraging everyone to stop using Flash Player as soon as possible.

Flash Player has been one of the most attractive platforms for Cyber Criminals and hackers. If you haven't been a victim of this cyber attacking, that's nice.
To remain (or be) more secure, now you have options to choose from then why not to switch to a more secure platform.

Although this doesn't mean that HTML5 and WebGL like platforms are completely secure from cyber attacks. But they are a less attractive target than a plug-in like Flash Player. So more secure also.

Flash Player is a plug-in, and a plug-in can decrease the speed of your browser. And now most of the browsers are making Flash disable by default in the new updates. It means you have to enable Flash every time you want to use it.

All these points conclude that you should stop using the Flash Player as soon as possible.

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With all these points, the conclusion comes out is that you should stop using Flash Player now. Although you may use it till the end of 2020 if there is no other way to use any web-app.

You should be a part of this transformation lead by top internet giants along with Adobe itself.
If you are using any website which is still working only on Flash Player, then let them inform. And if there is no positive response from them, the best way is to find a new one. (There is no deficiency of competitors).

What do you think, should we continue using Flash Player or stop it? let me know in the comments below.

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