Steve Jobs was Right - Flash Player is Going to Die

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Whenever you surf the Internet, the browser uses some small plugins to make your internet surfing a lot easier. Flash Player is one of the well-known plugins which was required to play any animation or video content.

It was accepted by all over the world, but due to some vulnerabilities and introduction of other platforms, it has become much less popular in recent years. And now Adobe will shut down the Flash Player at the end of 2020.

Steve Jobs did know this even in 2010 and that's why he did not allow Flash Player to run on iOS.

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What is Flash Player?

Flash Player is a plug-in managed by Abode Systems. It was developed by Macromedia in 1996, to support rich internet things like Videos, Games etc.

In 2005, Adobe Systems acquired Macromedia, and then it released Flash Player as a free plugin which is accepted by almost every internet browser.

A few years ago, Flash Player was widely accepted and almost 80% of the internet graphics required Flash Player support. YouTube also used to play videos with Flash Player before upgrading to HTML5.

Flash Player permission pop-up in browser

Do you remember this pop-up when you wanted to run an online game or video streaming site? Since plug-ins are third-party codes, so we have to give permission if we want to use them.
What was the last time you have seen this in your browser?

Flash Player had played a wide role in revolutionising the world of the Internet by making it possible to play online games, video streaming and web animations, with a plugin.

Now you may have a question that if Flash Player is having such nice features and providing great service, then why is it going to shut down?

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Why Flash Player is Going to Die?

Although Flash Player was the best tool to support rich internet things of 80% of the web. But it has some major problem with today's internet, such as...
  • It is a plug-in, and third-party plug-ins have always been a target for hacking, security and privacy-breaching activities.
  • Plug-ins also lower the speed of the browser. The internet is constantly searching for faster internet service.
  • They are specially designed for desktop. Although they have been introduced for Android mobile phone also but did not perform well.
  • The world of Internet is switched mostly on Smartphones, and running Flash Player on mobile is a reason for high battery drain.
  • Other open platforms like HTML5 with CSS3 & JavaScript and WebGL have matured over the past several years, such that now there is no need for Flash Player anymore.

Steve Jobs kept iOS Away from Flash Player

The great entrepreneur of his time, Steve Jobs never introduced Flash Player support for iOS devices. He was a far-sighted man and knew that Flash Player will not be suitable for mobile devices. iOS devices have always been using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to support content without Flash Player.

Although Apple was a good partner of Adobe Systems. It was and still using many services of Adobe. Mac OS supported Flash Player. But due to many reasons, iOS did not.

Steve Jobs had published an article on Apple's website in April 2010 describing why Flash Player will not be supported in iOS.

What will happen when Flash will Die?

Nothing much will be affected for you since half of the rich internet services already switched to a more open and better platform, HTML5 with CSS and JavaScript.

And for those who are still using Flash, Adobe is encouraging them since July 2017 to switch over other platforms before the end of 2020. Till that, Adobe will provide support for Flash services but after the end of 2020, Adobe will shut down Flash Player.

Any website if then using Flash Player will not be able to play its content.

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Flash Player had been a revolution in internet journey and made online games, video streaming and web animation possible at that time.

Now the world of the Internet is constantly upgrading to the utmost quality and speed, and Adobe knows the requirement of today's internet and is a part of this transformation along with Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla.

What do you think about this transformation from Flash to HTML5 and WebGL? Let us know in the comments below.

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