Design Evo | Free Online Logo Maker - Review [Rating: 4/5]

Design Evo Review | Free Logo Maker

Do you offer any product or services through your start-up? or do you want to become an entrepreneur to start one?

Whatever you do, if you represent any product or any service, you will need a unique identity, and logo is one of those unique things which are noticeable by the audience.

But getting a good looking logo is either very hard or takes huge money and maybe both. In this article, I am going to review a Free Logo Maker - DesignEvo.

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What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a Logo Maker Software. It is a product of Graphic Design Company PearlMountain. This Logo Maker lets you create your stunning logo for Free (may have some limitations).

According to DesignEvo, "With nearly ten years of experience in graphic design and software development, we eventually launched our new product DesignEvo, an online logo maker, to help small businesses, startups and individual business owners create professional logos with ease."

DesignEvo also has two paid plans. In this article, we'll review the free plan only.

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Features of DesignEvo Logo Maker

It has all the basic features which a Logo maker should have along with some advanced features.

You can customize your logo with different suitable Logo Colour, Fonts, Backgrounds, Icons in the logo editor. You can get creative ideas with predefined logo templates, customize them as per your need.

The best features I found in this logo maker is that you can also create your logo from scratch easily. And can make logo design without even registration process.

Although to save the logo to cloud or to download, you'll need to register.

You can create different types of logos here, like, Company & Organisation Logo, Software & App Logo, Brand Logo, Social Media Profile Logo, Website & Blog Logo, Business Logo and even Wedding logos also.

The Logo Maker

DesignEvo Review | Editor Screenshot

This is the section, where you can design your logos. As I said, you can use pre-created templates or can start creating your logo from scratch.

DesignEvo uses HTML5 technology for the editing process. Which is smoother than the old Flash Player.

You can find templates, text styles, shapes and can adjust the background. There are several types of icons available. You can easily find icons with proper keywords.

But finding alphabetic icons is a little bit annoying work in DesignEvo.

After completing your logo, you can either save it to your account or can download. In the free version, they only provide a maximum of 300px resolution for the logo. And you will also have to give credit to DesignEvo to use the logo.


  • Its website is very user-friendly and uses HTML5 instead of old Flash Player.
  • You can easily start your logo from scratch.
  • You don't need to register to create your logo.
  • You can save your logo files to cloud in your account.


  • You will have to give credit for your logo in the free version.
  • Finding alphabetic icons is not so easy in this software.
  • Logo resolution is limited to 300px in the free plan.


Overall Rating for DesignEvo: 4 / 5.

DesignEvo is a nice application to give a visual appearance to your creativity by means of a Logo. Although it's free plan has some limitations, but this may help you to get great ideas for your future logo.

The beauty of art is only present in ourselves. Tools like DesignEvo, DesignCap and Fotor etc. only enhance that beauty.

If you want to add any other pros and cons of DesignEvo, please let us know in the comments below.

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