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You must be a daily user of the Internet, like most of the people are. Sometimes you may have heard the term Intranet. Do you know what exactly it is?

Well, in this article, I am going to tell you about what is Intranet and how it is different from the Internet and also about Extranet.

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What is Intranet

The intranet is a private network inside a company. In other words, Intranet is the internal internet of an organisation, which is not directly accessible by the public.

Generally, it is only for a Local Area (LAN). If a company has its offices in different cities, then there is not only one intranet. Each office will have its own intranet connectivity. They are then connected with the help of Extranet, which is described later in this article.

Although we can access an intranet of an organization outside of its premises also if we are given a username and password. In this way, we can access intranet over the internet. But this does not let us access the complete intranet. We can only access some part of the intranet.

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Is Intranet better than the Internet?

Now a question comes here is that, what is the need of Intranet? Is it better than the Internet?
So let's see the Pros and Cons of Intranet over the Internet...


  • The intranet is secure than the Internet because only authorised people can access it.
  • We can customise the network as we want.
  • We can manage Workflow: automate some administrative processes easily in Intranet.
  • We do not have to depend on external internet connections. Sometimes there are situations that govt. closes the internet connection of the city. In those cases, the intranet is not affected.
  • There is one or two administrative of the intranet, who manage the intranet. But there are no administrative of the Internet.
  • Unlike the Internet, we don't need to follow external rules in Intranet.


  • The intranet is costlier than the Internet.
  • It is hard to set up and run a connection over the Intranet than the Internet.
  • If the server of the intranet fails, then the whole process is stopped.
  • We need some firewall to protect the intranet from external vulnerabilities.

What is Extranet

An extranet is a concept of connecting different Intranets. I have given an example of a company which have its offices in different cities, and each office has its own intranet connectivity.

There is a need to communicate between these offices. And to connect those offices' intranet we need the help of the internet. In every office, there are one or two gateway computers, which are connected to the outside internet.

With the help of username and password, they are connected to different intranets which are there in different cities. This is called the Extranet.

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The intranet is a private internet for a company. But it is almost different from the Internet in terms of security and usability. Almost all the big companies have their own Intranet in their corporates.

An intranet may also be connected to the outside internet from one or two gateway computers.
You can access a part of the intranet over the internet from the credentials which you have been given from the organisation. (this can be compared as of Deep Web)

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