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You must have experience the situation when you are connected to a Wi-Fi (whether it is of your friend, colleague or office) but do not know the password. Because they connect our phone to their wi-fi on their own.

If you are having an MI phone (RedMi) then you can get to know the password easily. You can also see the password in any Android phone without Rooting with the help of Mi phone. To know how to do it, read the full article.

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How to Get Wi-Fi Password of Wi-Fi

The simplest way to get the Wi-Fi Password is that just ask for it 😄. But it is also not so simple, because there is a major probability that they will not share it.

If you have a Mi phone connected to that Wi-Fi connection, then it has an option to share the password to share with another Mi mobile. But in this article, we will also discuss how to get that password in smartphone other than Mi.

For this, you will need the QR code generated by the Mi phone which is connected to Wi-Fi. Here is how to get that,

How to Get QR Code for Wi-Fi Password from Mi Smartphone

To generate the QR code for Wi-Fi which you are connected with. Go to settings > Wi-Fi in your Mi (RedMi) smartphone.

Know Password of Connected Wi-Fi - 1

Here you will see the Wi-Fi name with which you are connected, along with some available ones.

There will be written "Tap to share password" below the Wi-Fi with which your phone is connected. Click on that. (shown in red rectangle in the above image).

Know Password of Connected Wi-Fi - 2

When you click on "Tap to share password". A pop-up will appear with a QR code, as shown in the above image (a part of the QR code is blurred in the image for security reason. don't be confused here).

So this is how you can generate the QR code for sharing wifi password in your Mi smartphone.

Now let's head over to get to know the Password...

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Get Password with Mi Smartphone

If you are having Mi phone with which you want to get the password of the wifi. Follow these steps...

Launch Scanner App (generally there in the Tools folder). And now scan the generated QR code. When you scan the code, a screen will appear like shown below.

Know Password of Connected Wi-Fi - 3

Here SSID means the WiFi name, which is RPH FIFTH 3 in the above image.
The password in this step is hidden. To know the password, click on this.

Know Password of Connected Wi-Fi - 4

When you click on that, this will make the password visible. (the other half of the password is blurred in the above image for privacy reason, don't be confused with that, when you will perform this step, you will see the full password).

This method was only for Mi users. For those who are not having Mi smartphone, don't be panic, you can also get the password.

Get Password with any Smartphone

Since you don't have a Mi smartphone, you don't need to worry about. Follow the simple step and get the password.

Launch any QR code scanner app and scan the generated QR code.

Know Password of Connected Wi-Fi - 5

When you scan the code. The scanner will generate the result similar to the above screenshot. The first red underline is having the Password and the second one is having WiFi name.

You can also compare with the below result:

WIFI:T:<WiFi Security>;P:<Password>;S:<Wifi Name>;

<WiFi Security> is the security the wifi is using, in this example it is WPS.
<Password> is the WiFi password and <Wifi Name> is the name of the Wifi.


These were the tips to get the WiFi password of which you are connected. To generate the QR code, you will need a Mi smartphone. But you can get the password from the QR code with any smartphone. These tips will be useful for everyone in this Internet First World.

This Mi feature is very beneficial for those who want to get the wifi password. But for those who don't want to share their WiFi password may don't like this. Currently, there is no way to disable this feature to protect your WiFi. Hope there may be in the future.

If you get any problem while getting the password of WiFi from these steps, let me know in the comments below. I'll look for that.

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