How to Create WhatsApp Group Link to Add Members in the Group

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WhatsApp is a leading messaging platform right now. It is simple to use and has many features which a good messaging app must have. WhatsApp Group is one of that feature.
You can chat with many people together in WhatsApp Groups. Admin can add more people to the group.

WhatsApp also has a feature, that admin can invite other people to join their group with the unique group link. In this article, I will show you how to get that link.

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WhatsApp Group Link

WhatsApp Group Links are the unique links generated for every group. Admin can share that link, and anyone can join that group by clicking on the link.

Here are the steps to get your WhatsApp Group Link:

1. Open WhatsApp Group Info

You can go to Group Info either by click on the group's title bar in the group chat. This will directly open the Group Information
Or you can follow these steps...

Click on Three Dots

WhatsApp Group Link 1

Open that group, in which you are an admin.
You will see three dots in the right-top corner.
Click on those three dots.
This will open a small menu.

WhatsApp Group Link 2

Now in the opened menu, there is an option at the top of the menu "Group Info"
Click on this "Group Info".
This will open the Group Information and Setting.

2. Click on "Invite via Link"

WhatsApp Group Link 3

In the opened group info, scroll-up a little.
There should be an option named "Invite vie link".
Click on "Invite via link".

This will open a new screen, there you will find the unique link of your group.
You can send the link via WhatsApp, copy the link and share the link with any other application to invite people to join your group.

How to Join the WhatsApp Group via this Link

WhatsApp Group Link 4

Now you may have the question that, how anyone can join this group by this link?

If anyone clicks on your link, this will open a page and ask them whether they want to join the WhatsApp group. And if they click on Join then they will be redirected to WhatsApp and will ask to join the Group as shown in the image.

Again if they click on Join Group then they will be added to the group.

You can check this process by joining MSS Articles' Official WhatsApp Group.

What If I No Longer Want to Invite Others to Join My Group?

There can be a situation that, you have invited people by your WhatsApp Group Link and now, you don't want to let them join the group.

If you are looking for this condition, then don't worry, just repeat steps 1 and 2. In step 2, there is an option named "Revoke Link". If you click on that link, then your link will no longer work, and no one can join your group by that link.


By this method, you can get the link of your WhatsApp Group. So you can ask people to join the group just by sharing the link. So you can get rid of saving his number and then adding him to your group.

Other than this nice feature of WhatsApp, you can also create your personal chat link in WhatsApp, here is how.

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