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Many of you may have heard or know about Quora. For those who don't know, Quora is a Question Answer website, where you can ask your questions and can answer other questions.

In this article, I am going to write a review for this Question-Answer Platform - Quora.

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As I stated above, Quora is a Question - Answer Forum where you can answer and ask questions. According to Wikipedia, this company was founded in June 2009 and Quora first launched on June 21, 2010. Yes on World Yoga Day (June 21 was declared as World Yoga Day in 2015).

Now Quora also provides blogging facility, you can publish your articles on your blog created from Quora.

Website: www.quora.com

To know more about Quora, head over to this article from Wikipedia.
Now let's review Quora:

Registration and Login

Quora Review - Registration and login

To log in and register on Quora, you have three options:
  • Google Auto Login (register)
  • Facebook Auto Login (register)
  • Email and Password)

You easily login by auto login service by Google and Facebook to login or register on Quora or can go for traditional Email and Password to login.

There is no option to log in with Twitter. Since it is a community-based site so Twitter auto login would be appreciated.

Although after registration you will have the option to include Twitter as one of your social media accounts.

Cross Platform

Quora can be used from its mobile application other than just website. Quora has an official mobile application for both the biggest mobile OS - Android and iOS.

Download Links: 

But there is no any official application of Quora for windows PC. The only official method to use Quora on PC is the website. But someone has tried to make a windows application based on the Quora website, you can try that if you don't want to use Quora in the browser.

(Although there is no such need of any desktop application of Quora, does it?)

Download Link:

Question and Answer

This is a broader category, so I have divided this into several sub-categories

Asking Question

Quora Review - Asking a Question on Quora

Asking a question on Quora is very simple. As you type question it will show some similar questions to the one you are asking, so that if there is already a question then there is no need to ask again. (As you can see in the image, question suggestion according to my new question)

But if you are not satisfied with the answers available there for any question then you can request answers. You can request at most 25 people at a time. Quora will also suggest you people who have answered other question like this.

Answering Question

Quora Review - Answering Questions

You can answer any question which is there on Quora. And while answering you can also make the answer more effective by using formats like, Bold, Italic, bulletin numbers, external links, block-quotes etc. (as you can see in the image above)

Once you have written an answer, you can update it anytime. And if you don't want to disclose information about you, then you can also write the answer anonymously on Quora.

You can merge different questions, whose main focus is the same.


Quora is available in 17 different languages right now. You can ask questions and write answers in your prefered language.

Surfing Quora

While surfing any question or answer, you can downvote or upvote any question or answer according to the quality and relevancy.

You can also report any question or answer. When you report something, then Quora moderation team will look into the problem and generally notifies you in 2-3 days.

You can follow topics, to get questions and answers from those topics in your feed.

The best thing I found on Quora is Ads on Quora. Ads in Quora are not annoying, they are designed the same as questions and answers.

Quora is also filled with many silly questions, which decrease the quality of Quora. And also there are some answers, which do not add any value in a question and you may get frustrated reading them.

Quora Review - Quora Home Page
Quora Home-page

Plus Points of Quora

-- In Quora, you can log in with automatically with Google and Facebook.
-- Quora is also available as mobile applications for Android and iOS.
-- Quora is available in 17 different languages.
-- If you are not satisfied with available answers, then you can request new answers by persons.
-- You can merge questions on Quora.
-- You can upvote, downvote and report any question and answer on Quora.
-- Ads on Quora are not annoying.

Minus Points of Quora

-- There is no Login with Twitter option in Quora.
-- While sharing a link, you can not add tags or hashtags with your link.
-- Quora is not completely successful in removing spam questions.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Quora is a nice question-answer forum, which is better in UI from other questions answer sites. You can use Quora to get answers to your questions and can answer other's questions.

Quora also has Quora Partner Program, through which people can earn money from Quora. Currently, it is not available for everyone, it is only invite based at this time. So I have not included this in the main review.

You can build your personal brand through Quora if you write many answers. And Quora can also help you in your business. You can answer queries about your business which when people see then you will get the indirect benefit. And can use Quora ads.

What is your opinion and rating about Quora, let me know in comments.
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