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WhatsApp is a common messaging app used by more than 1 billion people in 180 countries. Launched in 2009, WhatsApp now became a must-have app in your daily smart life.

In this article, I am going to write a review for this messaging app - WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp - The Messaging App

WhatsApp was first launched on 24 February 2009 by Jan Kaum and Brian Acton. It went popular and then in February 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp in US$19 billion. And till now WhatsApp is the best messaging app.

One of the best things of WhatsApp is that it is free (from January 2016) and does not show ads till now. Although initially, WhatsApp used to charge $1 per year after free use of one year.

Official Website: www.whatsapp.com

Installation and Registration

WhatsApp is available in Play Store for Android as well as in App Store for iOS. It can be downloaded and installed for free from there.

Another best thing is you don't need to create an account with a username and a password.
WhatsApp uses your number as username and OTP as password, that's all.

If you uninstall it, you can easily reinstall and register your number again with the same process.



Personal Chat

Messaging in WhatsApp is very simple, you recent chats will be there when you open WhatsApp. You can chat with any of them just by clicking them. You can start a new chat by clicking the icon at below, right-hand side.

You can check whether the receiver has received your read your message or not.

WhatsApp Groups

You can create and join Groups in WhatsApp and connect with them. With groups, you can send a message to 256 people at once.

In Groups also, you can check that who have received your message and among those who read that.

You can reply to any message in the group and you can also reply for a message from a group privately to the sender.

WhatsApp Broadcast

With WhatsApp broadcast, you can send a message to all of your contacts at once. They all receive your message if they also have your number in their contact list.

In broadcast also you can see who has got your message and who read it.

WhatsApp supports Text Message, emoticons, gifs, and stickers in texting.
And it supports, Images, videos, contact, files, document, and Location as attachments.

You can star messages in WhatsApp to mark them as important and they can be viewed in "Starred Messages".

WhatsApp Web

Along with your smartphone, you can also use WhatsApp on your desktop. There is an option called "WhatsApp Web" which allows you to use WhatsApp in your desktop's browser.

WhatsApp also launched WhatsApp Desktop application for Windows and Mac. Although the application has nothing better or different than WhatsApp Web.


WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp also launched Snapchat like story feature in the app. You can upload a story for 24 hrs. This could be Image(s), Video(s) and text message also.

By default, your story is visible to your contacts but you can add privacy to show only to some selected people. You can reply to other's story by swiping up on their story.

Voice and Video Call

WhatsApp allows you to place a call over WhatsApp to any of your contacts. It can be a voice call as well as a video call. This call is free and it uses your data or wifi.

You can also place group audio or video call in WhatsApp, where 4 people can be connected in a single call.

Security and Privacy

All the messages you send via WhatsApp are End-to-End Encrypted. It means, the messages you send are totally encrypted and no one other than you and receiver can read those messages, even WhatsApp themselves cannot read your messages.

And WhatsApp is secure because you are authenticated by your phone number and OTP.
But you can also add some more security by enabling 2-Step Verification in WhatsApp.

By enabling 2-Step Verification, when the next time you install WhatsApp in any device, it will ask you the password which you have set while enabling the feature.

WhatsApp Plus Points

-- WhatsApp is free and add free for texting as well as calling.
-- It is fast and secure and old messages are stored offline which you can read anytime.
-- You can share your location in WhatsApp which is a very useful feature.
-- You can do group audio and video calls.
-- Cross-platform - Available for all popular platforms.

WhatsApp Minus Points

-- You can add only 256 members in a group.
-- While using WhatsApp Web, Your phone must be connected to the internet.
-- There is news that WhatsApp is going to be monetized (Will have ads).


My rating for WhatsApp Smartphone app is: 4.5 Starts out of 5 Stars.

WhatsApp is the only messaging app which became the daily need in today's era. It is free, fast and secure messaging app.

You can send Text Messages, Media, Documents, Contacts and Location through WhatsApp.

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