Create Stunning Poster Online | DesignCap Review

Create Poster Online | DesignCap Review

Have you ever thought to create a poster? Or if you are a marketer, sales manager then you need to design stunning posters for your product. Creating a poster requires time and money both. But there are some places where you can create your poster for free.

In this article, I am reviewing such a website where you can create a stunning poster/flyer online for free of cost - DesignCap.

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DesignCap is an online Poster/Flyer maker website. Developed by PearlMountain.
At DesignCap you can create stunning poster without any cost and registration.

According to DesignCap, after the launch of FotoJet (which is also a product of PearlMountain) they received great support and trust from their users. So they decided to develop another webtool which focus only on Posters.

DesginCap was launched in February 2018.

Poster/Flyer Maker

DesignCap poster/flyer maker screenshot

DesignCap's poster maker is clean and simple. It is fast and does not require to enable that old Flash Player. It uses HTML5 for editing purpose which is far better than Flash Player.

Link: DesignCap Poster Maker

Now have a look at some features:

Templates and Backgrounds

DesignCap has a lot of predefined templates. We can select any templates and it will show templates that fit in our chosen category.

We can choose any background design to make our poster look great. We can also choose a solid colour and gradient colour background.

Adding Photos

While making any poster, we also need photos to insert there. DesignCap let us insert any photo with three different ways.
1. We can insert a photo from our computer.
2. We can also insert directly from Facebook.
3. We can choose from hundreds of royalty free photos there. It has integrated with Pixabay for royalty free images.

Adding Text and Clipart

DesignCap has many text fonts and formats. We can choose as per our requirement.

There are thousands of Cliparts available which can make our poster better and message worthy.

Why You Will Love It (+ve points)

Here are some features of DesignCap Poster maker I found great:

-- It uses HTML5 which is faster and we don't see that irritating message "Install/Update Flash Player".
-- There are a lot of templates organized by categories. This saves our time to find the best template for our need.
-- We have three options for adding photos. We can also find free images from there which can enhance our poster.
-- There are thousands of Cliparts which we can use to make our poster even better.
-- We can even enhance elements like photos, text etc within the poster itself.
-- Currently, it is free to use and doesn't show any ads.

Some minus points

I have found some problem in this website which are:

-- If you found any other problem please let me know in the comments below.
-- This website uses Cookies but does not acknowledge us for that. Although it is not a great mistake. But as a reviewer, I have to see all the factors.


My rating for DesignCap Online Poster maker is 4.5 Stars out of 5.

The overall experience about DesignCap poster maker is good. We can create stunning posters on this website. DesignCap is still new and to establish authority they are providing this for free and after some time they may inject premium plan in future. But currently, it is the best and easy poster maker I found on the Internet.

What is your experience using DesignCap poster maker, let me know in the comments?

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