What is the Article 13 | How this will affect the Internet?

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From some recent days, Article 13 is spreading over the internet and is the hottest news for digital creators on the internet at this time.

In this article, I am going to write about Artice 13 and how this will affect the internet.

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What is Article-13

Article 13 is a part of European Copyright law which was created with the intention to protect the work of professionals, creators and copyright holders. And to find more effective ways to protect their content online.

Article 13 was introduced on 20 June, 2018 and then on 12 September, 2018 Europian Parliament approved this. And is going to pass after the formal discussion in January 2019.

Article 13 forces all the website over the Internet to not to upload any unlicensed-copyrighted material. This law also forces social media sites like Facebook, YouTube etc to take responsibility for unlicensed user uploaded copyrighted material.

How this will affect Creators

If Article 13 is passed, then anyone cannot upload/publish copyrighted content without a license anywhere. They cannot use any smaller part of any copyrighted material without a license which we can use currently.

If they do so then there are two situations:

If the Creator is from EU

If the creator is from the EU then this work will be completely blocked if any small copyrighted unlicensed thing found in his content.

If the Creator is from outside of EU

If the creator is from outside of the EU then his work or content will be blocked in the EU for the same conditions but will still be available outside of the EU.

Link Tax

The most horrifying thing in Article 13 is the Link Tax, which if passed, will force the Internet giants Google, Facebook etc to pay for linking to news articles.

Currently, we generally if we like any news or article on the internet, we share it on social media without any problem. But if this passes then we could not do that, because that social media will have to pay for linking to that article.

This will majorly affect Google because Google's job is to link to the best articles we need. So Google will have to pay for linking to articles. Then Google may shut down the service in the EU region.

Link Tax will affect everyone, from readers to publishers. This is the only thing in Article 13 of which I could not find any positive viewpoint.

How Article 13 will Affect Us

As mentioned in the starting, that Article 13 forces Social Media for the copyrighted unlicensed content. 

So if this happens, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube(Although it is not completely Social Media but can be included here) etc either will block your content if they find anything in that criteria, or they can charge from you to share such content.

This also includes memes, which we enjoy daily on every social media site.

Article 13: Right or Wrong

Article 13 deals with the use of copyrighted material without a required license. So the goal of Article 13 is right and I support it.

But the version which EU Parliament has written can affect the Internet drastically. This may have many unintended consequences.

What Can We Do

Now after knowing the consequences of Article 13. The only thing which we can do it Social Awareness. If we express our views on the Internet on Social Media together then this may force the European Parliament to rethink about Article 13.

YouTube, which will be highly affected by Article 13 has initiated a hashtag #SaveYourInternet on Twitter.

"We support the goals of Article 13, but the version written by the European Parliament could have large unintended consequences that would change the web as we know it."

Here is the video from YouTube has more details about the same:


Article 13 is a nice concept which deals with the protection of Copyrighted content of Professional. No one can use their copyrighted content without any legal license. But the unintended results of this Article 13 can affect the Internet drastically.

If you agree with this thought, then please share your views on Social Media (especially Twitter) using the hashtag - #SaveYourInternet. Share this article to your friends who don't know about this.

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