Google Opinion Rewards Review [Rating: 5/5]

Have you ever thought to buy any app or game from the Play Store? Or have you ever tried to buy any movie from YouTube but pressed the back button when it asked for payment?

By Google Opinion Rewards, you can earn Play Credits which you can use to pay for anything you buy from Google Play.

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What is Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey system. Where you have to answer a few questions and complete surveys and you will get Play Credit. You can use those play credit for everything in Google Play, whether it is Play Music or YouTube.
Google uses your answers to the surveys to make its service better and valuable.

Surveys Quality and Frequency

Google always give priority to the audience. The surveys you will get in Rewards app are easy to complete and also not longer to irritate you.

Surveys are not daily available. They are occasional. But as per my experience, you will get surveys in 10 days initially. But after some time you can get surveys in 5 days also.

Those surveys are for limited time and you will get a notification for every survey. Almost surveys are available for 24 hrs only. But some surveys may be for longer or smaller depends on the survey.

To increase survey frequency, you can turn on your location whenever you visit any place. Then there may be a survey related to your latest visit. And you can earn extra.

Credit per Survey

Initially, you will get near about 4-7 Rupees credit per survey. But as you use this app then after some time your credit will increase per survey. This also depends on the Surveys.

You will get credit as currency in your country. That credit can only be used within Google Play entity. You can pay this credit money to buy anything from Google Play Store, Play Music, YouTube and from everywhere in Google Play.

Minus Points

This app is completely nice. Having a nice infrastructure and user experience. I have not found any minus point in this app.

If you have found any minus point in Google Opinion Rewards, let me know in the comment box below.

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My rating for Google Opinion Rewards: 5 Stars out of 5.

I think everyone is using Google services. With this app, you can buy the premium services, paid apps, paid games from Play Store, premium music from Play Music, movies from Play Movies and much more.

Google uses the information from the survey to make their services better. So this is a Win-Win situation. 

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