What is Deep-Web and Dark-Web?

No doubt, you are an internet user and you may have heard the terms "Deep Web" and "Dark Web" over the internet. Since you clicked on this post, it means you are curious about what do these types of web mean?

In this article, I am going to discuss an overview of the Deep Web and the Dark Web.

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Before diving into the main content, you should have a little information about "Surface Web". If you don't know, let me tell you...

Surface Web:

Surface web is the internet which we use in our daily life. Or the web which you can find on search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo etc.
It is interesting that:
The Surface web is as little as 5% of the total World-Wide-Web.

As you are reading this post, so at this time you are accessing the Surface web.

What is the Deep Web

The deep web is the web which is hidden from the public, which you can not find on search engines. This includes password protected sites, encrypted networks, databases etc.

The Deep web is the rest 95% of the total World Wide Web.
So what you can access from Google is less than 5% of the total internet.

Do not interpret the Deep web as an illegal web. It is completely legal and requirement of the internet. Because you don't want to make your bank account details public. You don't want to make your history of YouTube, Amazon etc accessible to everyone.

And that's why it is required to make these details inaccessible from search engines and the public, and hence it is called the Deep web.

In short, the Deep web is
 -- Not indexed by Search Engine.
 -- Accessible by Password, Encryption or special Software.
 -- Huge in size (95% of the total web).

What is the Dark Web

The Dark Web is a little part of the Deep Web. As it is a part of the Deep Web, so no doubt it is inaccessible by Search engines. But besides this, it is only accessible by some special software (eg. TOR browser).

The Dark Web is less than 1% of the Deep Web.

Almost every illegal activity happen in the Dark Web, Hacking, Drugs buying and selling internationally, Child Pornography etc. and Bitcoin also. Every transaction in the Dark Web is done by Bitcoins.

Accessing the Dark Web is dangerous, as your system can be hacked. And if FBI finds you accessing the Dark Web, then you will be in serious trouble.

Tor Browser

Tor is a special browser developed for accessing the Dark Web. Not only it allows you to access the Dark Web (.onion sites) but it also changes your virtual IP address so that it will be harder to hack your location.

In short, the Dark Web is
 -- Not indexed by Search Engines.
 -- Accessible by Special Softwares only.
 -- Large-scale illegal activities.


The internet or web which you can search from Google is only 5% of the total World Wide Web. This is called the Surface Web and can be accessed by anyone.

The Deep Web is the web which is not accessible public or hidden for search engines. It occupies 95% of the overall Word Wide Web. It is intentionally hidden for search engines to secure private data.

Dark Web is a small part of the Deep Web, which is known for illegal activities. To access the Dark Web, you have to use special software (eg. Tor). Accessing the Dark Web without precaution is dangerous.

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