How to Play YouTube Videos in Background [Android]

YouTube in Background in Android

Do you listen to songs on YouTube? Have you ever tried to play songs on YouTube in Background? What happened... the video stopped.

In this article, I am going to share a trick by which you can play YouTube videos in the background in your Android Phone.

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YouTube officially does not allow to play videos in the background in the free version. When we minimize the YouTube app in the phone by pressing the home key, YouTube video stops playing.

Although in the premium version it gives extra facilities like no ads, offline play and background play. But this takes money. In this article, we will see how to play YouTube videos in Background in Android for Free.

So to play background videos on YouTube for free, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open "" in Chrome

Youtube in background - 2
YouTube in Chrome

Open YouTube website "" in Chrome browser.

Or if you want to play any specific video then copy the link of the video, now paste the link of the video in the URL field in the Chrome browser.

When you play the video and press the home button to minimize Chrome, the video will stop playing. But don't worry, follow the below steps.

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Step 2: Switch to Desktop Site

enabling desktop site of youtube in mobile for playing youtube in background
switch to desktop site

YouTube videos can be played in the background on the desktop site. To switch to desktop site:

Click on 3 dots in the top-right corner.
Click on the Desktop Site.
Now Chrome will load the desktop site of YouTube. (Image below)

YouTube desktop site in Chrome Mobile
YouTube Desktop Site

Step 3: Play the Video

Now hit the play button to play the video. Press the home button to minimize the Chrome browser.

When you hit the home button then also the video will stop playing. But don't worry,

Just expand the notification panel and hit the play button in the notification of the video.

hit the play button to play YouTube in background
Hit the play button

Congrats, Now the video is playing in the background. You can open any app on your phone and the video will continue to play in the background.


By this trick, you can play YouTube Videos in the Background in Android. You can play a song on YouTube and can do another task simultaneously.

There is one more application Google recently launched - YouTube Music, this app also allows you to play music in the background in Premium version or with the one-month premium trial for free.

If you get any problem while playing YouTube video in the background, feel free to comment below.

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