Facebook Android App Review: [Rating: 3/5]

No doubt, Facebook is the biggest social media site. You are familiar with Facebook. It has a nice website which lets you connect with your friends. Mobile application makes it easy to be connected.

In this article, I am reviewing the Facebook Mobile Application for Android.

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Facebook android app review
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Facebook Android App

The Facebook mobile app is a simple way to access Facebook through your mobile. Facebook launched the Android app in December 2012, making it more easy to surf Facebook for its Android users.

After the launch, Facebook updated this app several times to make it better than before.

The Interface of Facebook App

facebook android app review - home page
Facebook home page

It is the best point which makes this app worth downloadable. It has a better user interface than Facebook desktop or mobile site. Everything is organized in cards.

At the top, it has a place to search on Facebook and a button to launch the Messenger and story uploader.

The top bar which sticks to the top of the window has buttons for home, friends, notifications, the menu makes it easy to switch through them.

You can easily post an update on Facebook App.

Facebook Story

facebook android app review - story - using filter
facebook story - using filter

I previously thought not to add this in this review. But when I tried it, I think it must be included. Facebook introduced Story Updates recently.

If you want to take full advantage of Story Update then you should Facebook Android App.

It has many great filters. All filters are working smoothly. When you post a story on Facebook, it will automatically be uploaded on Messenger also.

Status Update in Facebook App

Facebook android app review - post update and videos
Facebook post update and video

You can easily post a status update on Facebook through the Facebook Android app whether it is a text, photo or video. You can easily tag friends in your posts, which is not so easy in Facebook Lite app.

When you see other's posts. You can easily like, comment and share those. Which was not so easy in Website and Facebook Lite.

When you see a video, you can mute the sound as per your convenience. Although the video plays within the feed. But when you click on the video to get more options.
Then you get a video feed, where you will find more videos like the one you are watching.

Minus points in Facebook App

Along with the above features, there are some minus points which can let you stop using this app. They are:
  • Facebook Android App drains your phone's battery to a greater level.
  • It works well in the only good network connection. In slow networks, it doesn't work properly.
  • You can not send Facebook messages directly from this app. You will need to install another application - Messenger.
  • You will no longer have the option to "mark all notifications as read", which you have on the website and Facebook Lite.
  • Managing push notifications is not so simple in this app.

Download: Facebook App for Android on Google Play Store.

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My rating for the Facebook Android App: 3 Stars (out of 5).

If you want to get a good experience of Facebook then you can download this app but keep the minus points in the mind. If your phone's battery drains very often, then I would suggest you download Facebook Lite instead of this app.

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