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If you are a geek person. Then you will find this article useful. Geek person is that person who loves to code. Who lives with the codes.

In this article, the website for which I am going to review is "W3Schools". Which is a Larger Web Developer Site?

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What is W3Schools

Website: www.W3Schools.com

W3Schools is an online learning website for web developing. You can find thousands of tutorials/references/examples of web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Python, jQuery, W3.CSS, and Bootstrap etc.

It is owned by the company Refsnes Data.

W3Schools is completely free for learning web development. Besides learning, you can also get certified from here.

Mainly it has three categorized for learning, which is - Tutorials, References, and Examples. With how-to guides, you can find your answer.
It has it's own "tryit" editor to type and run codes.
It also has predefined web templates.

Let's have a look at some major features...

Tutorials, References, Examples

Learning contents are divided into three categories on this website. These are "Tutorials, References, and Examples. It also has How to guides to help you with your individual queries.

In Tutorials, you will get lessons to learn web developing, which are further categorized as, "HTML and CSS", "JavaScript", "Server Side", "Web Building", "XML".

In References, you will get references for syntax and all. It will give you a search bar, and when you type any key-word, it will give a small intro about that key-word. These are also categorised in, "HTML", "CSS", "JavaScript", "Server Side", "XML", "Character Sets".

In Examples, you can get examples of web developing languages. So you can have a better idea about any code or use of any key-word. These are categorised in, "HTML and CSS", "JavaScript", "Server Side", "XML", "Quizzes".

W3Schools also has How to section, where you can find guides about web developing, so that you will not be stuck anywhere.

W3Schools Online Code Editor

W3Schools Online Code Editor to tyoe and execute a code online
Online Code Editor
This website has its own online code editor, where you can type and run codes of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can change the orientation of the result area to be on right (as in the screenshot) or to the bottom.

It also gives you the facility to save your code to Google Drive, so that when you come again here, you can start where you left.

Web Templates
There are some Web Templates available. You can see a demo, and try them online by editing codes in the online editor.

Get Certified Online at W3Schools

Apart from online learning, W3Schools also offers you to get certified online.
It means you can get legal proof of your learning.

Online Learning is completely free on W3Schools, and you can apply for a certificate for $95.

Certificates offered at W3Schools are: 
  • HTML Certificate
  • CSS Certificate
  • JavaScript Certificate
  • jQuery Certificate
  • PHP Certificate
  • Bootstrap Certificate
  • XML Certificate

Website Usability

W3Schools is completely Optimized and user-friendly. One thing I found very useful is Colour Picker. Just hover on your desired colour and you will get all colour sheds, with different colour codes, "hex", "RGB" and "hsl".

I haven't found any minus point on this site. If you get any, please let me know in comments below.


My rating for W3Schools is 5-star.

W3Schools is a nice platform to learn web development online. There are plenty of tutorials, reference, examples and how to guides. You can use an online code editor to try your codes. And can get certified as a web developer.

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