Instagram Review - Social Photo Sharing App

The app which is used by 1 Billion Active Users, and most probably used for sharing photos by you and me...

Yes, I am talking about Instagram, and writing a basic review for this social networking app.

Hey there, I am Madhusudan Somani and you are reading MSS Articles, Let's continue...

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Instagram in a Glance

Instagram is a Social Networking App, which allows you to share your day in forms of pictures. Started in 2010, and currently, it has almost 1 billion active users per month.

Instagram is best in mobile only, although it has a website, that is not interesting as the mobile app is. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows phone running Windows 10, Windows PC running Windows 8 or above.

Instagram Links

Instagram Post & Feed

All the photos you post on Instagram other than Instagram Story, are categorized in this category (not officially, it is categorized by me to review effectively).

This is the backbone of every social network. Instagram is much ahead in this field. It let you edit your photo or video (length Max: 1min) with amazing filters. And it allows placing a description. You can write up to 30 hashtags in one post, which is a significant number. You can add location with your post and can share it among facebook, twitter, Tumblr directly from Instagram.

Instagram gives you options to "like", "comment" and "message to someone" on other's post. There is one more option available which is "Save" to save any post for future. In my views, these all are running good and easy.

Instagram let you search for trending posts. Which includes photos, videos, and stories organized well.

Instagram Story

It is a great feature of Instagram. Although it was not there when Instagram was started. It was started in 2016. But now without this feature, Instagram will look a little boring.

You can share a photo, video(max length: 1min) in your Insta story, where you can tag someone or can put text and hashtags also.
The story is only available for 24hrs.
There is one more option started recently is Story Highlight, where you can put your story for more than 1 day.

The only thing I don't like about it is, it doesn't allow you to share clickable links. It allows some accounts to put a link. But this is currently only for some people (not for all).
And one more thing, at this time, you can only post stories from a mobile device, not from the desktop browser.

Instagram Direct (Messaging)

Instagram started "Instagram Direct" in 2013. Now you can send a direct message privately. You can send text, photo, video and Instagram posts also.

It also has the option to unsend any message and to send photos, or videos which will automatically be removed after it is watched, like SnapChat.

The only problem in IG Direct is it's repeated notifications. Whenever I open any chat from the notification I received, then after some time the same notification is again there, which is annoying.

I hope Instagram will soon fix it.
And ya in this also, Instagram doesn't allow to send or receive messages in desktop browsers.

Instagram TV (IG-TV)

This year, Instagram started a new feature called "Instagram TV". Where you can create your channel to share videos of length more than 1 min. It is designed as it looks like old TVs but the video quality is good if your internet connection is good, otherwise just sit and wait.

The good thing is like YouTube, you can follow your favorite channel to receive a notification when they share any video.


There are basically two profile types are there on Instagram. One is personal and the other one is a Business profile.

In personal profile, you can choose to make it public (whoever visit your profile can see your posts) or private (only your follower can see your posts).
In your profile, you can put your profile pic, a small intro, and one link. Now you can also put hashtags and tags in the description.

The business profile is almost the same, but in the business profile you can add buttons like, "Call", "Email", "Direction". And in the business profile, you can get some more statistics about your profile. You can promote your brand.

The business profile can be activated if you have a facebook page (if you don't have one, Instagram will create a random page).


My overall rating for Instagram is 4.5 out of 5.

Instagram is a social network best to use in mobile devices. It is basically a photo sharing app. It has many attractive photo filters to give a great look to your photos. It has many interesting features like Story, Search Explorer(trending), IG-TV etc.

Instagram is a great platform for business. It has an option for business, and you can build your brand here with a greater audience.

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