What is itty bitty site? - A site contained within it's own url...

Have you heard about a website which does not have any hosting for storing web pages?
Yes, there is one which is itty Bitty Site.

Here is an article about a site which is contained within its own URL...
Yes... that is Itty Bitty Site.

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What is itty Bitty Site

itty bitty site about page screenshot
About page of the itty bitty site

Vice President of design at Dropbox, Nicholas Jitkoff, made a great web tool, which he called, itty bitty site. It is a self-contained micro-site which is completely stored in its own URL only.

To make any website, we need a hosting provider to host the data of the website. But this site is actually not hosted anywhere. It can hold as much data as a printable page has.

A site made by it is...
  • 💼 Portable - You don't need a server to host.
  • 👁 Private - nothing is sent to–or stored on–this server
  • 🎁 Easy to Share - as a link or QR code 
Read more at the itty bitty site.

How itty Bitty Site Works

The itty bitty site works on encryption of content in URL. Anything you write there will be encrypted (base64 encoded) in its own URL. When you share the link to someone, and he opens the link, the link will be decrypted in the browser itself.

If I go into some technical term, anything written after the '#' inside a URL will execute as a small program. The itty bitty site works on the same.

a screenshot of url of a page created using itty bitty site.
An URL of a page created by the itty bitty site.

Read more at the itty bitty site.

Where you can use itty Bitty Site

If you see the official documentation, they say...

Itty bitty sites can hold about as much as a printed page, and there is a lot you can do with that:
We can also use it as an online text editor or HTML editor.
Moreover, it can also be used in Sending Greetings to relatives and loved ones.


The itty bitty site is a really nice web tool, to create simple micro-sites.
You can share information as a page which is stored in its URL. The site made by it is Portable, Secure and Easy to Share.

You can use this tool to share your hobby content, to create a small web app, to bypass 280 char limit on Twitter, and for geeky people, to express yourself in ASCII.

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