Facebook Review - Why it is the Best and the Worst Social Network...

Facebook Review - Best or Worst??

In this Article I am going to write all about Facebook, that why it the Best Social Network as well as why it the Worst Social Network.

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What is Facebook

Facebook is a Social Networking Site founded by Mark Zuckerberg, on February 4, 2014.

For the first year, it was only served in the United States of America. But after it's increasing popularity and people's craze, it is expended to worldwide.

And in January 2018 it has 2.2 billion monthly active users.

It is the most popular social networking site.

Website: www.facebook.com & www.fb.com.

Facebook as one of the Best Social Network

I heard many times that we should always share good thing first. So here I'm firstly sharing my views on Facebook: The Best Social Network.

The first thought comes in mind is that Facebook is Not Limited. It has all those features, which are specialties of different social networking sites.

Along with making friends, you can also follow someone on Facebook.
And share your stuff and engage in your friends' stories.

You can create groups for connecting same minded people.
You can create a page to promote your passion. (eg. MSS Articles)
Since it is a most popular network, so it is perfect to promote your stuff with very cheap investment.

And the main feature which let users keep engaged is the reshuffling of posts. It means, if there are no new posts for you, then Facebook will serve old posts and keep you engaged.
In short, Facebook has almost all features which an Ideal Social Networking Site should have.

Facebook as one of the Worst Social Network

I'm not saying that it is Worst in Social Media.
Facebook is the best in Social Media Industry, but it is the Worst Social Media for our Lifestyle(if you get addicted).

I said earlier that "reshuffling is the best feature of Facebook", it was in the favor of Social Media. But this same feature is not good for our lifestyle. It eats out lots of time, people get addicted to it.

Facebook allows us to be friends with each other. Although it gives warning several times that we should send a friend request to only whom we know personally. But in maximum case, we ignore this warning and make countless friends which results in irritating and time-consuming posts.

And you must have heard about the Facebook User Data Selling report in the news, this leads us to the stage where we can not have faith in Facebook anymore. So sharing sensitive posts about your personal life may not be secure on Facebook.

And the last for college students, you all know that in this era, qualifications & degrees are not the only criteria for getting a job.

Now recruiters monitor your social presence also. If you spend too much time on Facebook like Social sites, then this means you are not so productive. And you might lose chances to get a job in good organizations.

In short, Facebook is Productive or Worst, all depends on your way of using it.


My rating for Facebook is: 3.5/5

Facebook has many productive and good features, along with features just for entertainment.
It depends on you that how you use these features.

On one side where it is a big reason for wasting time, on the other side it is the best place to promote your work and catch people eyes to your business.

From various researches and my own experience, Facebook is a productive place for Businesses, Bloggers, YouTubers etc...
But it is the biggest distraction for students.

So keep an eye on your usage of Facebook, and make it productive in your life. And remember Entertainment is also a productive part of our life (if limited).

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