What is Webmail - Don't be Confused with Webmail and Email Client

[Last Updated: 14 Nov, 2018]
Are you also confused with Webmail and Email?

These both look similar. But have a major difference. Thanks to my elder brother Damodar Somani, who asked me about Webmail. This motivated me to do a little research and write an article to share the information I researched about.

If you are not a geeky person, you must be confused with Webmail and Email Provider. Although these both are concerned with emails only they both are different terms.

One provides all email services while the other one provides only accessing your emails (sending and receiving).

Hey there, I am Madhusudan Somani and you are reading this article at MSS Articles, let's continue...

What is Webmail - MSS Articles
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What is Webmail

Webmail is an online software which allows you to send and receive emails. You can access your emails anywhere, anytime if you have access to a computer and a working internet connection.

Generally, free email providers have their own webmail service, eg. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail etc. These are easy and feature-rich software.

But if you have your custom email address like admin@yourwebsite.com or any other. Then you may want to use a Webmail application (online software) to access your emails.

Although, above mentioned free email clients also support logging in through custom email ids, but they are not recommended to use with them.

You will have to install a webmail client in your CPanel. After that, you can access your emails without downloading any application or software on your device. What you need is just a browser with a Working internet connection.

Popular Webmail Clients

Popular Webmail Clients which are available with almost all cPanels( cPanel is control panel of websites). Generally, the most popular webmail clients are:

Webmail Pros & Cons

Here I am giving Pros & Cons of Webmail, which may be useful for you.


  • You can access your email anywhere, even if you don't have your own mobile or pc.
  • It is simple and fast. It gives you limited features but they are very useful.
  • In offices, this system is mostly used for accessing emails.


  • You have only limited features.
  • Logging-in in other's browser is not a good idea. And your account can easily be hacked if you don't use essential net security (e.g "https" encrypted connection)
  • You need an active internet connection to write any email. You also can't save emails to draft in webmail.

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Webmail is a browser-based, application like software. Which allows the user to log in and access their emails. Webmail has limited features but they are enough for simple email sending and receiving. You should always use the one which has the "https" protocol.

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