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Are you looking for a website from where you can download high-quality images?

If yes, then stick here. In this article, I wrote a review about such a website, which provides Stock Photos for Free.

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There are so many websites which provide Stock Photos. Some websites are paid whether some are free. Some websites give free images but require a back-link from your website.

Before starting, do you know what is a Stock Photo? If no, then I have given a small introduction of Stock Photo.

Stock Photo:

Stock Photos are simply the photos which are available for personal as well as Commercial use.

So any photo which you can download from any image library/website for your Commercial purpose is a Stock Photo.

PEXELS: Get Free Stock Photos

Website Link:

Pexels is an Image Library or Image downloading website. You can download completely Free photos from Pexels.

It is co-founded by Bruno Joseph and Ingo Joseph in 2014. And Daniel Frese joined them in 2015. So it is run by a team of Three people.

Empowering Creators

All photos on Pexels are completely Free and are available for use under CC0 License, which is also called - Public Domain (learn more)

You do not have to give any money, backlink, attribution etc for photos from Pexels, and that's why it is completely Free.

Quality of Photos at Pexels

A little girl in the garden, Pexels photo search - MSS Articles

If you ask for Quality of Photos, then according to me, it is fine.

Almost all ordinary photos are of good quality. But if you search for some photos which are less popular then quality may be below average.

And not all but maximum photos which comes in the search result are related to your search query.

But sometimes, if you search for a photo, then sometimes you may get different photos which do not have any connection with your search query.

Website Usability

Website of Pexels ( is user-friendly. It is simple and easy to search for photos at Pexels.

The only problem comes with the advertisement.

Although there is a line above ads saying "Sponsored Photos", but that is small enough that anyone can ignore this.

And then we may get confused with the images and ads. Rest all is good.



My rating for Pexels: 4.5/5.
What is your rating for this website, comment below...

If you are looking for an Image Library/Website for Free Stock Photos, then Pexels is best for your need. 

All the photos at Pexels are free. you can use them without giving any Money, Back Link, Attribution. You can use them for commercial use also. Some minor negative points cannot affect the overall usability of this website.

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