Flickr - Free Stock Images - Website Review [Rating: 4/5]

Are you looking for a website to download Free Stock Photos?

There are so many websites which provide Stock Photos. Some websites are paid whether some are free. Some websites give free images but require a back-link from your website.

Before starting, do you know what is a Stock Photo? If no, then I have given a small introduction of Stock Photo.

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Flickr - Website Review - Download free stock photos
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Stock Photo:

Stock Photos are simply the photos which are available for personal as well as Commercial use.
So any photo which you can download from any image library/website for your Commercial purpose is a Stock Photo.

What is Flickr 

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flickr home page - MSS Articles
flickr homepage
Flickr is a Yahoo hosted website for uploading, downloading, sharing photos of registered users. You can get paid and free stock photos from here.

Although Flickr is not a complete Stock Photo Library like Shutterstock. But almost all kind of photos is available here.

There are more than a billion photos at Flickr.

License: Free and Paid Photos

Flickr has several licenses for images. It all depends on the user who uploads the photo.

If you want to upload your photo on Flickr then you can choose, which rights are open and which are reserved.

If you want to download any photo from Flickr then you should take care of reserved rights.

Generally, photos at Flickr are licensed with CC certificates.
They require attribution for the photo you use from Flickr.

But if you don't want to give attribution then you can buy that photo from Flickr.

For photographers, who want some fame for their photos, Flickr would be a good choice.

Photo Quality at Flickr

If you ask for the quality of photos then it is nice.

flickr search reasult - MSS Articles
flickr search
Almost all photos at Flickr are of good quality in itself. But some time photos may not relevant to your search query. That is the little bit annoying.

One thing I like in Flickr is the image quality. Every uploaded photo is nice to see.

If you are a person who likes to see new great photos, then you will definitely love Flickr.

Flickr has two pages named: "Explore" and "Trending".

flickr explore page - MSS Articles
flickr Explore
In Explore, you will find nice photos which you will definitely like.

Another page which is "trending". If you click on that, it should show you trending images as Flickr but it shows all categories of images.

This is a bug as per the name "trending". By the way, you do not have to worry about it. If Flickr will look upon this and fix this then this will be good for all.

But yea, we can use it for finding images according to categories.

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My rating for Flickr is 4/5.

If I conclude all of the above. Flickr is an alternate website for those who want great stock images, without investing lots of money.

Flickr is suitable for those who do not have any problem in giving attribution to photographers or otherwise paying some money.

And if you are a photographer then Flickr is a good choice to upload your photos.

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