"Blogger" - Best for Beginners in Blogging - Review

Blogger for Blogging

Blogging is such a thing, that thinking about starting a blog is easy, but when you actually start a blog, then things are different.

You have to find your niche - means, you have to find your area of interest.

The next problem comes in, deciding the blogging platform, for example - Blogger, Wordpress, Wix, Medium, Tumblr etc.

Blogger is a nice blogging platform, and today I am going to review Blogger as a blogging platform.

Hey there, I am Madhusudan Somani and you are reading MSS Articles, let's continue...

What is Blogging

Before going to start, if you don't know, let me tell you what is blogging?
Blogging is like writing a diary and sharing your views on the topic you are interested in. And your website where you publish your written articles is called Blog.

What is Blogger

Blogger is a blogging platform governed by Google. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which Google bought in 2003.

Blogger was first launched on August 23, 1999,  by Pyra Labs
Now the owner of Blogger is Google.

Website: www.blogger.com

Blogger is a free blog publishing site, where you can run your blog for free. And it is the most simple blogging platform.

Now let's review Blogger by its major specifications, and functions.

And here we go...

Setting a New Blog in Blogger

Blogger Review - Setting Up a New Blog

Setting up a new blog in Blogger is very easy. You just have to sign in using your Google Account, and then you can set up your new blog in less than a minute.

And on Setting up a new Blog, Blogger is the best platform than other blogging platforms.

You can select your blog address as per your need, and it is completely free. Although free blog address will be the sub-domain of blogspot.com

e.g. demosite.blogspot.com

You can also buy a custom domain directly from Blogger by Google domains. But as per my opinion, you should not buy from there. Because they are so much costly.

If you want to buy a custom domain, then consider buying through other websites, like GoDaddy, Bigrock, Namecheap etc. These websites can provide a custom domain in very cheap as compared to Google Domains.

If you have a custom domain, then you can also add this in your blog for free.

Blogger is completely FREE. And unlike other free platforms, it doesn't place ads on your blog, unless you want them.

Blog Posts. Comments & Pages

Blogger Review - Blogger Dashboard

Writing blog posts and pages are also very simple in Blogger. It does not require any special knowledge. The only thing you need is a basic knowledge of English.

Blogger is very simple, it does not give you much functionality in writing a post or page, but all basic functions are there,

e.g, Adding Label (tag), changing URL, adding a description and turning comments on and off etc.

You can access your blog's comments in the comment section of your dashboard. It is also easy with a simple structure.

You can select a comment system, like Blogger or Google+ in the setting, and if you want to install any other comment system, then you must have a little knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Moreover, you can check the stats of your posts, and pages, in a separate stats section. Where you can see you daily, monthly, yearly page views, entry, and audience location etc.


It is the most important factor for every blogger (a person who writes blogs), And it is also the plus point of Blogger.

Every blogger and probably everyone knows, that Google AdSense is the best ad service.

Blogger is a property of Google, and AdSense is also a property of Google, so Google made it very easy to monetize your blog with AdSense.

Once your blog is approved, you can place ads in your blogs directly from blogger and can earn money.

Blog Design and Theme

Blogger Review - Blogger Themes

Blog design is also very important for every good blog. Good blog design can retain viewers on your blog.

But in this field, Blogger lags behind. The theme templates which are given by Blogger are very outdated. These blog themes do not have modern functionality.

A simple layout is there, which gives you the functionality to add or remove simple widgets by drag and drop feature.

But blogger gives you the ability to edit your blog's source code. If you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS then you can change your blog's design as you want.


Another problem in Blogger is its support. You may not get full support from Blogger. Or if you get, then it may take a long time.

So help and support of Blogger are not good. For any problem, instead of asking for help, you have to search on Google for that, which may look irritating sometimes.

And the one Question may come in your mind that...

Does Google give special priority to Blogger blogs?

The straightforward answer is NO.
Google search engine does not give any priority to blogs hosted by Blogger, because they both are different products of the parent company Google.

And this is also the plus point of Google Search Engine, because it focuses on Quality, whether it is a blog from Blogger or from any other blogging platform.

And that's why Google Search Engine is the best search engine on the Internet.


My rating for Blogger: 3.5 / 5.

As from these details, and from my own experience, because I am also using Blogger at this time for MSS Articles. One thing I want to say that, if you want to learn about Blogging then Blogger is the best platform.

Blogger is best for you if you are new to blogging. Because it is very simple to start. And you can learn more and more things as your blog grow up. You can learn some HTML and CSS coding which you may need in your blog.

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