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Online learning is the best way to learn from home at your convenient time.
It saves your money as well as time. It is also referred to as e-learning. It is a type of distance learning.

There are many platforms available on the web for online learning for different courses. Out of them, in this article, I am writing a review about edX, which is a free as well as paid e-learning platform.

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What is edX

edX.org is basically a platform, which provides you with free and paid online courses. It is founded in the year 2012, by two well-recognized universities - Harvard University and MIT (Messachusetts Institute of Technology).

CEO of edX is Padma Shri Awardee, Anant Agarwal.

They founded edX.org to provide better MOOC. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses. Means to provide many courses available over the internet for free to a very large number of students.

Other than Harvard and MIT. edX has more than 130 global partners, including the world's best universities and institutions like Berkeley University, Boston University, IIT Bombay and many more.
edX.org Best Website for free online courses - MSS Articles
A screenshot from edx.org

Website: www.edx.org
Application: Android | iOS 

Mission of edX

Their massive motto is to

"Increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere"
"Enhance teaching and learning on campus and online"
"Advance teaching and learning through research"

 -As given on their website.

Courses Available at edX

Almost 1200+ courses are available there. from most technical course to the most simple one.

You can find some courses like, Learn Python Basic / Advanced, Learn HTML5 etc. And you can also find courses like Personality Development, A Guide to Public Speaking etc.

All courses are free to learn unless you want a valid certificate. If your goal is to only gain knowledge, then you don't have to pay a single penny.

Some courses may have a time period, it means, you have to complete that course at a fixed time interval, which on average will be 3-4 months.

Does edX Provide Certificate of the Course

If you want a certificate of the course you have completed to attach in your resume or profile, then don't worry. edX also provides a valid certificate.
You have to pay for the certificate. The amount depends on the course, which you have chosen.

How edX is Different from Others

edX is not a single man company. It is an organization. And I think it is the topmost point which differs it from other educational websites and apps.

Moreover, it is a non-profit organization, whose aim is to provide quality learning to everyone for free. As stated above, there are 130+ partners of edX including, the big universities which are known for their quality education.

So the courses available there are of good quality and has sufficient amount of homework and assignment to ensure your learning. It also has Android and iOS applications on which you can use on mobile also.

Minus Points of edX

I haven't found any reasonable minus point on this website. This website is well designed, it is fast and easy to use.

If you have encountered any minus point of this site, please let me know in the comment section below.


My Rating for edX: 5/5.
edX is the best e-learning website I have found on the net. The best part of this website is that it provides courses for free, and charge only for certificates. So you are not bound to get a certificate. If you don't want to pay, then also you can learn the same content. Because you have to pay only for the certificate after completing the course.

This was the review of edX.
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