How to Create a Link of Your WhatsApp Number with Pre Typed Message...

WhatsApp link to chat

Creating a WhatsApp link to chat help others to easily contact you. They just have to click on the link and chat with your number will open in their WhatsApp.
You can also use this trick with any number and can open a chat without saving the number.

You can add a custom message in the link, so when anyone clicks on that, the message will automatically be typed in the field.

In this article, I am going to share, How to create a link of you WhatsApp number with a pre-typed message

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This feature of creating a link of WhatsApp number is officially called "Click to Chat". You can chat with anyone without saving their phone number, as long as you have their phone number by Click to Chat.

Here are three methods to create a link of your WhatsApp number and Message...

Link with Number

You can create a link of your WhatsApp number by this method. Suppose your number is "9876543210" and your country is India, ie. country code is "+91".
So the number is "+91 9876543210"

The WhatsApp link with this number will be like

The underlined digit is country code and after that, there is 10 digit number.

There is one more method to create a link, which is

Here also underlined digits are country code and after that 10 digits are WhatsApp number.

Link with Number & Message

To create a link with number and message, follow this method. Suppose you want to send a message "Hey there". You have to encode this text in URL form. Don't worry, it is simple

The link with number and message will look like

Here the underlined "text=Hey%20there" will add a message to the number.
you have to put a '&' after the number and then add "text=Hey%20there"

%20 is a space in URL encoded form.

Link with Message only

You can also create a link with only a message, not number. When you click on that link, WhatsApp will ask you to whom you want to send this message.

It is very simple, just remove "phone=919876543210" and '&' from the above URL.

The link with the only message will look like,


So now you know how to create a link of a WhatsApp number.
If you run a business and have a social or internet presence of your business, then you can use Click to Chat for your costumers to contact you. As it is used by MakeMyTrip to provide the live status of Train on WhatsApp (in India).
Along with WhatsApp personal chat, you can also create a link of your WhatsApp Group.

Or you can use these links to contact a person on WhatsApp without saving their number.

If you face any problem while creating a link of a WhatsApp number, drop a comment below.
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