Cookie Consent - Solution for GDPR EU Cookie Law

After the European Union's Cookie Law, which is GDPR, everyone has to notify people about your cookie and data usage. So you need to install Cookie Banner on your website.

I also installed the cookie banner on my blog MSS Articles.

I got many useful websites which let you install Cookies on your website. But I found the best one is Cookie Consent, which provides you cookie installation code for free to install on your website.

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What is Cookie Consent:

Cookie Consent is a website and free service by Insites. It is completely free and open source.

This website gives a solution for cookie law by providing you different styles of cookie banner. And also guides you on how to install it on your website.

As from the information provided in that website, they hate the irritating cookie law. But since this law is governed by global organizations, then what they or us can do...

This website says, "We hate the stupid cookie law, and decided that if we had to comply with it, we may as well create a solution that doesn’t suck."

Before this EU's GDPR law, the cookie banner was optional, it was up to you if you want to install or not. But now it is compulsory.

What is GDPR:

GDPR is General Data Protection Regulations, it replaced the Data Protection Directive. It is a regulation in the European Union on data protection and privacy of individuals within the European Union. It addresses the export of personal data outside EU.

Free Cookie Installation on Your Site:

Cookie Consent provides a free guide to install Cookie on your website as per the guidelines of GDPR.

installation process and guide to install cookie from Cookie Consent by insites - MSS Articles
The installation process and Guide to install Cookie by Cookie Consent in their website - Screenshot

You can select any style available and can place in your site by the code provided there.

This service is completely free, it is not like other websites, which provides the same service, which provides cookie installation for free, but they have their terms and conditions.

If you use them, then on some websites, you have to give credit to their website, sometimes you have to put a backlink on your homepage,

But Cookie Consent is completely free. You don't have to give any credit or backlink. They casually want to help people, therefore they don't even need attribution.

Demo of Different Designs of Cookie Banner:

In Cookie Consent they have provided many designs from which you can choose your convenient banner and can install in your website.

They have also given demos of their design, which you can see on their website. I have given the demo link below, where you can see demos of Cookie banner designed by Cookie Consent.

This is the link where you can see demo cookie banners.


Editorial Rating: 5-Stars (out of 5).
The website is well optimized and completely user-friendly. Helpful for everyone who wants to install a cookie banner on their website.

This is completely free. Even you will not see any ads on their website, which impacts great user experience on their website.

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