How to Create a Website for Free [Without Coding]

How to Create a Website for Free without Coding.

Having your own website is just an amazing thing. But paying monthly or annually subscription fee is not possible for everyone. Even I had also made a free website before buying this one.

So in this article, I am going to show you how to make your completely free website in 4 Steps [without coding]

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These websites are the best way to share your interesting work with the world even if you don't have money to be invested.

1. Find your Domain Provider

The first step is to find a free domain provider. There are several domain providers who give you free domains.
Websites like Blogger, Wordpress etc. provide free domain along with hosting and website builder, so you don't need to have coding knowledge to develop your website.

Here are 5 Popular Platforms to Create a Free Website:

2. Create an Account and Register your Domain

After selecting your Domain Provider, you need to make a free account with username/email and password. After successfully created account you have to find a domain for your website (as is it available or not) and register it.

Note one thing, the domain you find here for free will be a Sub Domain. ie. your domain is to be followed by hosting provider's top level domain. It sounds some technical, let me explain to you...

In simple words, your domain will be like ""
For example, currently, this website is "" but when it was free and hosted by Blogger, at that time it was "".

3. Build Your Website with Website Builder

After registered your domain or website. Now you can build your website by the inbuilt website builders which is available with most of the domain providers, with drag and drop feature.

There are a lot of themes, you can choose your website design as per your need and interest.

Although you don't need to have any coding experience to build a website if you are using website builder it will be helpful if you have that.

4. Publish Your Website

After building your website. Now the last step is to make it available on the web. Now you have to publish your website so that it is available on the web.

To view your website running on the web, type the URL of your website in the address field of a browser. After hitting enter you will see your website.
So Congrats, Now your website is live and it is your own without investing a bit of money. Now whenever you want, you can buy a custom domain and can get rid of that ""

When you buy a custom domain (.com most probably) then your website address will be more professional like ""

If you have any problem regarding this, ask me in the comment box.

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