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Copywriter, content writer - Madhusudan Somani | MSS Articles

Content Creation is a field where you can be alive only if you get a steady flow of ideas. Ideas, that can tell a story, continue a story, or run towards a single mission.

I’m a Copywriter & Content Writer. Apart from writing normal content, it’s essential for me to get fresh ideas every time. Or at least a collection of ideas to make my content be alive in the market. Apart from Content Writing and Copywriting, I also do help in Content Creation.

I create content ideas for your social media campaigns and other things. Which requires a continuous flow of effective ideas for a long time. If I talk about my Instagram page. I can proudly say that I have a 1-year content plan ready with me.

Some clients ask me how do I keep ideas in a direction, how do I make sure their supply is continuous. Well, I do this, because it's a job ;-)

By the way, I’m sharing what I do to get ideas, and ideas, and ideas... (I’m supposing you as a business owner, reached out to me for your content requirements)

How do I get new ideas for you?

When you reach me for your content requirement. I first understand what actually you’re looking for. I make sure we both are reaching the same point in our understanding.

Then, I audit your business. Your vision with your business. Your business’ online profiles, it’s social media presence, etc.

I then start my market research. Market research means, finding loopholes in available online content. Which we can fillup with our content strategies.

I also include you in building a strong and vital content strategy. Not just to keep the work transparent. But also to be helped by your expertise in your field. The thing is, no matter how much I’m experienced in content creation. I’ve no more experience in your field than you.

Now, it’s time for a huge brainstorming. I come with my ideas, you also give your ideas if you have. There are plenty of ideas on the table now. But they are all scattered there, screwed up.

I make them aligned with the timeline. Making sure we get the best output at the desired time, with all these things.

This is how I plan your content strategy and help you reach your marketing goal easily.

How do I keep the steady flow of ideas?

Keeping a regular flow of ideas looks very simple and cool. But it’s not that easy. In fact, it’s the most difficult task in content creation.

To make sure your content process do not stick in between, I don’t start executing any content if I don’t have it ready for at least 1 week in advance. It may delay the process a little bit. But it helps you get the best ROI from your content.

Content creation is a process, not a single task. Most people stuck here. I follow the Parallel Waterfall method here. This waterfall method helps me to easily execute those ideas, and to maintain consistency.

Parallel Waterfall Method

Okay, I’m a B.Tech student. I got to know this method in my Software Engineering class. Where each process of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) is finalized and then sent to the next step. The next process is not started until the current step is completed.

I applied that method in my content creation process and got exciting results.

Here parallel means, executing different content ideas together. Not like messing up. But in a way to keep everything on track. Let me explain it to you to have an idea.

I ideate one content today, after that, I write previously ideated content, after that, I edit previously written content, after that, I submit/post previously edited content. I do all these things in a single day. (See this image, this makes it easy to understand)

To be honest, consistency beats everything. So I also always be ready with some filler ideas, to fill the gap due to unexpected hindrances.

Content writing & Copywriting is not just writing content and copies. It’s much more than that. And I feel proud to do all those things. It’s my passion to help you reach your goal with my words.

Do you also need help with your content, do let me know. Whether it be Articles & Blogs, Social Media Content, Marketing materials, or anything related to content. I can do it all for you.
A man holding megaphone, signifying voice search optimization

In one of my earlier articles, I wrote about voice search and it's expanding future in India. In this article, I'm writing about how we can optimize our content for voice search. Till now, everyone was optimizing content for SERP (Search Engine's Result Page). But now, as voice search is getting great explosion, it's important to optimize for voice too.

Optimizing content for voice search is not that much tricky. Some simple tactics of normal conversation can also help.

Hey there, I'm Madhusudan Somani and you are reading this article at MSS Articles, let's continue...

For those, who don't have a clear idea of what voice search is,

What is Voice Search

Voice Search is that feature which takes your voice commands as the search query, and provide you with the search result, mostly in voice format (but in traditional format too). It's easy to search by speaking instead of typing, that's why it is getting more attention. It's following the transition of the world from the pain of typing to the leisure of speaking, from the pain of reading to leisure of hearing.

Why we need to Optimize Content for Voice Search?

Before starting out anything, it's wiser to know why we are doing this.
You are owing a smartphone, and I'm sure you've tasted the voice search at least once. How was the taste?

Voice search is solving people's problems. They don't have enough time to read the full article, so they tend to hear this (doing multitasking). It's easy to hear than to read too.

Voice search is expanding very fast in the whole world. It's said that in 2020, 50% of the searches will be over voice. There are many other reasons to start switching over voice.

How to Optimize Content for Voice Search?

Voice Search optimization is different from normal SEO optimization. There are some points that work good in normal optimization but not in Voice search.

Here are 6 points to remember while optimizing for voice search.
  1. Conversational Tone
  2. Removing unwanted breaks
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Phrases and long-tail keywords
  5. Be local
  6. Give immediate solution

Use Conversational Tone

Voice search is not just asking questions and getting solutions. It's a conversation. The best way to answer someone's question is to talk to him. Also, when we use conversational words, they include normal words that we generally use while talking to someone, but not currently in writing. When now people will be searching for those words, it's important to use those words.

So be conversational to get ahead in voice search race.

Remove Unwanted Breaks

No one wants interruptions while talking to someone. And voice representatives take care of this. With voice representatives, I mean Google Assistance, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, etc.

These are built to providing the best results. So they must be taking care of unwanted blocks on a webpage. These blocks are advertisements, unnecessary links, unwanted image captions, etc. If you are using these things in the wrong way to improve your SEO, it may gonna harm you in voice transition.


Vocabulary plays an important role in SEO, whether it be normal or voice-based. In normal SEO, sometimes using strong words may help you target more people in your community if your audience is accepting it.

But in voice search, a high-end vocabulary is not so necessary. While asking questions using voice, people tend to use normal words. Those normal words hence are becoming keywords to be targeted on. So use simpler words, but don't forget to use appropriate words wherever required.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

It's easy to speak than to write. People write only keywords while searching for something, that's why we used to optimize our pages for those keywords.

In the voice search, there is no problem in speaking complete questions. Now, as the query will be long-tail, hence keywords will be long-tail.

Be Local

Targeting everyone will be very tough now. So targeting location-wise can help you better to penetrate the crowd in voice search. If possible, it's good to add the location in the title too. There are other things too, which you should take care of...

Add Location Tag

Whether it be your blog or static website. If you are targeting any location, then add a location tag on your web-page. Most of the blogging platforms provide this feature in their software. If not, you can add in your HTML coding.

Claim Google My Business Listing

If you are running a local business, then it's very important for you to claim your Google My Business. Websites with Google My Business listing gets more attention from Google. So claim your listing now and be ready for voice transition.

Give Immediate Solution

When we read a blog to find a solution for our query, we skip the ice-breakers. We just head over to the intended content block. That's why Google launched the featured snippet.

The snippet at the top of SERP, which directly answers our question is called featured snippet or position zero. These featured snippets constituent most of the voice search query. And this can be targeted by giving direct solution without adding extra-fillings.

Remember, this doesn't mean that we should not write long articles, that's a different case. And these both can live together.


These were some checks to think about while writing a voice search optimized content. Using voice search means, talking with digital assistants. And we don't like interruptions while talking, we want straight answer while asking a question from someone.

That's the main point to optimize your content for Voice Search. We have to write as we are talking with a person. Or it would be better if I say we should be speaking with the keyboard, not just stroking keys for writing.

Need help with optimizing your content for Voice Search? I can help you.

From assessing, improving, optimizing your content, to optimizing your complete business profile for voice search, I do it all.

Send your requirement at, Let's make it happen :)
voice search in India

This article was first published on LinkedIn by Madhusudan Somani:

Voice Search is spreading everywhere on the globe. People are now getting used to getting their tasks done just by speaking commands.
We can sometimes ignore the futuristic thinking about voice search, like,
  • 50% of searches will be Voice-Based in 2020.
  • 55% of households are expected to own smart speaker devices by 2022.
But we can't ignore the real stats which are available of 2019, like
  • According to Google, 20% of all searches are Voice-based.
  • 31% of smartphone users worldwide use voice tech at least once a week.
  • Almost 20% of all voice search queries are triggered by just 25 keywords.
Almost every SEO expert and digital marketer are saying that Voice is the future. And it looks so.
But if we see the Indian context, what would you think about it?

What is Voice Search?

Voice search is the technology that interprets our voice samples into understandable queries. By using this technology, we can easily search for anything just by speaking, without having to press any keys. Google Assistance, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa are the tech giant in this field.

Indian User-base for Voice Search

No doubt, voice is the future of the Internet. Indian market is also similar to the world market if we have a glance at stats.

In fact, at this time, 22% of searched are voice-based in India according to stats & the speed is increasing with the rate of 36% (source: internet)

The main thing to look here is how acceptable our audience is? These types of big changes are mostly done by a full generation.

If our generation can adopt this new technique, then it's clear that the voice search market is not so far.

young generation of India

And that's exactly is the case. India has 65% of its population under 35. India is a country of young people, who can easily adopt new technology if it is helping them live a better life.

This is a big number and at this time, we just can't ignore this. The only way to survive more on the internet is to optimize our content, websites, pages for voice search.

The twist is, it looks very complex. Still, we are fighting for traditional SEO, which we are doing at this time, how can we do that for voice search?

How to Optimize our Content for Voice Search

As a Content Writer, I have to be updated with the latest SEO and search guidelines. Because this is one of the two things, which make a content writer different from the crowd (the other one is our voice and thought process).

And what I found about SEO is that the user is the target of SEO. We are struggling to target SEO, which can then target users. Why can't we directly target our users?

And that's the basics of Voice Search. We have to write our content in the same way, as we think and discuss it with our friends. feature a question in your content and then provide a brief answer right there.

Keywords for Voice Search

Keywords have always been the most valuable thing in SEO. In a voice search, keywords might gonna change.

Because people don't write the full question to get the solution. Just take yourself as an example, do you write the full question on Google to search something? That's why the keywords which we are targeting don't follow grammar rules.

But while speaking, we don't find any difficulty speaking the full question. If I have to search for something on Google, I'll just speak the full line which comes in my mind to search on Google Assistance, Siri, or Alexa and this includes Grammer!

It's Time to get back to Grammer!

We should now be aware of voice grammar which we use in our daily talking. Now we should not cut out that is, are, too, etc.

Other than Grammar, I strongly believe that punctuation is also now important for SEO. In fact, every basic tense and language tips are now important which we were taught in our schools.

And as Google itself is getting better and better with time. You must have heard of recent BERT update, which now understands user language better.

So my advice for SEO is as simple as focus on your users. Google wants them, they want our content. So make content for them, Google will be pleased to feature it.

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